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Margarita Monday

Welcome to the fourth edition of celebrating Monday! Geeze, I’m still a newbie when it comes to  liking Mondays. A hard won battle I can assure you. As a recovering weekend  warrior it’s no small change that I now like Monday. How could you do such a thing!? you may ask…

Well, once I realized that the beginning of the week left me with  five days and  120 new hours of possibilities, my tune began to change. Therefore, here are some things that should be on your radar, one for every  day of the week!

#1) Ivory Ella


  If you love elephants but hate the  exploitation and abuse  of them, then consider showing your support  of this company. Not only do they donate 10% of their profits to help save the elephants(most give 1%) but they do it in style. Check them out here  and consider donning  a shirt to spread the message! Not only that, but how cute would a tee be for the gym?



Since I love British culture and chocolate, and even better when they’re combined! Not to mention, with a funny name to boot.  This shop has made a  name for itself  in the chocolate world and with celebreties  alike. They are one of the few places that turn  cocoa beans(chocolate) into art. Just check out some of their creations and shop here.

#3)TCHO Mokaccino chocolate


Speaking of beans, this one combines both chocolate and coffee! All wrapped up in a cute package.

beans(coffee that is) all in a pretty wrapping. With this bar, you can have a pretty capuccino whenever you want. The Easter bunny was kind enough to bring me one of these.All the more reason to love cute bunnies .

#4) Juice Beauty


Many know of  Gwyneth Paltrow from movies and Her ventures into health, food,  and beauty, but must it come at celebrity prices? Rather then purchase Her skincare from  Her hailed site Goop, try going to the  affordable source instead. Her other line Juice Beauty manufactures the products  for Goop as well, but at much higher prices. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to buy the products under the Juice Beauty name instead. Your pocketbook(and bank account) will thank you, and so will your skin.

#5) Heads Up by Ellen


I love Ellen Degeneres, how could you not!? Among Her many talents She also comes up with fun games. This one you can download to your smartphone for  99 cents, and it’s worth every penny.  Think of  it as charades gone mobile. It’s a fun party game or even just for two people  that are bored on a weekday. Not only that, but  with its fast game play you could do it on your lunch break, with  a fun co-worker.

#6) The Pixies!


It’s time to give credit where credit is due. I have heard this band in the background  of so many advertisements that the hipster in me is slightly annoyed. So, if your digging a song you heard on an American television advert, this is likely the band your ears took a liking to. I have also seen a play built around the music  of this group, so needless to say they can carry more then just a tune! Therefore, perhaps you’d like to give them a listen?



I have found some of the coolest items on this site. Hello, bluetooth shower speaker and David Bowie umbrella! They not only work with some pretty amazing designers but also have  some on point customer service(trust me I would know)  in all my online shopping they’ve been a favorite. Check them out here.

Last but not least, cheers! A roasted blueberry basil margarita. Get the recipe here.


Love and possibility,


# Goals


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

-Zig Ziglar.

This one is for you single Moms that went back to school and got your degree, to the Dad that finally lost  his gut, the young girl who nailed that cart wheel, and the grandma that braved a community college class in  a subject  She was really interested in. These people have their goals on lock down, and understand that as long as your alive on this earth you can achieve   goals and create new ones. When  I first  discovered  The Sketchbook Project, I immediately jumped on it. However, due to a fast paced lifestyle  I never managed to complete it. The project  is a globally concerted effort, with art sent in from all over the world. You can learn more about it —> here. While my blank sketchbooks in 2011 and 2012( I attempted it twice) languished   untouched in my apartment  while I attended to other matters… Sooner than later(time flies) the year 2016 rolled around and I found myself   in the process of a recovery from a near death experience. I also  was unemployed with considerable stretches of time to fill and in need of some positive distraction. Yet again I found myself participating in  the sketchbook project, but this time I was going to finish it. The third time  really is a charm apparently. You can’t always wait for the “right time,” to accomplish something, often the right time is right now.  Many times    you’ll find that somehow things happen at the right time when your patient, positive, and active in working towards your goal. We can’t control or make everything happen when we want,  but we can certainly  put the wheels in motion. What that  single Mom, little girl, and Dad all understand is that with perseverance and determination you can reach your goals.  It doesn’t matter when you start, it’s that you begin and there’s no time like the present. Don’t be afraid of failure because failure is a good teacher, and  most certainly don’t predict that you’ll fail before you even  start!

Just begin,


Blogcademy Chicago 2014 Recap

Twig legs...

These boots were made for  bloggin’ Image:Shauna Haider @Nubby Twiglet  2014

 Dear Blogcademy,How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1)You encourage a sizable gathering of babes and creative  women.

2)You  make everything  have that  certain *sparkle*

3)You  even got theparents out of the house to venture to Chicago seeking your glitter covered guru guidance.

4)You  facilitate  networking among up and coming bloggers furthering a great community a.k.a  “tribe.

5)You have a “Brit Babe teaching too and I just love listening to that accent!

To make a long story short back in October 2012 I suffered a massive stroke  which caused me to miss Blogcademy NYC which I lamented for weeks upon realizing I had completely missed it.  however ,Lady Luck  paid me a visit, there was a second class  in  Chicago ! I HAD to go   but unfortunately  I had no money any more to attend so I decided to  apply for a scholarship, I then excitedly headed  to a craft store and picked everything out for my project and with fingers crossed and a hopeful heart …proceeded to create a  very cute scrapbook that followed my short essay- See Here

Well,much to my surprise I WON!

Hence followed a road trip to Chicago ,a dinner with local friends I had not seen in awhile and  class the next day

The class was held at a co-working space called Enerspace Chicago,    which  is perfect because it’s a place for start ups and those seeking to further themselves,a business,or an idea, it was a  lovely incubator to hatch  our collective blogging  dreams&schemes!

Much to popular belief bloggers and blogging is not just about “Look at me!Although “selfies can be fun… In fact it’s actually serious business and all three  “headmistresses run their blogs as such.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 12.52.28 PM                                                                                                  TheHeadmistresses!(above)*note the good style…

Everything was covered in depth  from branding  to content to  marketing to  monetizing,even the legal side of taxes,contracts,and agreements.

Gala introduced herself as well as the others and told all the  “Blogcadettes where  things were located We might  need or want

After that intro it was time for each of us to do our  own and answer the following questions:

1)Who are you?

2)What defines you?

3)Is it a business or is it a hobby?(your blog)

4)What  else can you tell us about yourself?

Throughout class there were funny stories,laughs and of course good/fun music to each of our blogging activities&exercises

For being an 8 hour day it went by fast! Which to me indicates  it must have been good to feel so fast

I learned more than I thought,the “Headmistresses were available to answer any and all questions,as well as generally just chat about anything,they were gracious hosts!

Matching ears.Matching shirts.

Matching ears.Matching shirts.


Check out my friend  Erin’s site Here!



         ART SCHOOL DROPOUT   simply  cool.

LADYBIRD LIKES     yet more paper goodies

LIFE ON MARS VINTAGE    PinkCircle Marilyn Monroe scarves.

MAD BIJOU           Look at Her ” disco bullets…

LOVE IDEAS INK         lovely paper goods!

REETA KRISHNA  provided the indispensable WordPress for Beginners Book


CROWN AND GLORY        beautiful “crowns and sparkly ears too!

REETA KRISHNA  provided  indispensable WordPress for Beginners Book

B-TRIZ  COLLECTION  from across the pond…

In conclusion,I learned alot it was a fresh atmosphere   thats  an open forum for learning,sharing,networking,inspiration,and fun.I  can   saythat if your at all interested in blogging,head on over to Vimeo and look for Blogcademy for a sneak preview of what its  all about and I can promise you won’t be bored.




In conclusion I feel that it was time well spent for a sneak peek head on over to Vimeo and look up Blogcademy for a preview of what its about I believe if you have the blogging bug at all you’ll want to participate in class,and I can promise you won’t be bored.

*                                                                                           *Cheers!*



                                                                Above Photo: Ears away!(my lovely friend Erin&I )

                                             Goody Bag Swag Sponsors!         


My friend made us matching shirts!  Upwards&Onwards.Check out Her blog and illustration work

In conclusion,I found the two day  class to be jam packed with useful information as well as inspirational i.e. it got me pumped

I would certainly recommend it to anyone even mildly interested so, GO?

Each of the “Headmistresses were so sweet and thanked me,as well as hugs!

I appreciate&admire them not only as amazing bloggers but as rather cool people too.

Get Inspired and attend Blogcademy,seriously!


Post Script: Check out this Chicago Class Video Here