Pushing the Limits

The other night my friend and I decided to do a night ride, I chose Sunday night…. well.. because I had time then and because traffic settles down quite a bit in and around the city. I have never driven at night or extensively in the city yet so I was nervous but excited! Luckily my friend is a Manhattan native so I had a human GPS which made it 100x easier. We crossed into Manhattan over the Queensboro Bridge doing about 30 mph with the city lit up like a christmas tree rising up along side and in front of us. Once we reached the island we turned left on 2nd Ave and off we were, headed towards Times Square, passed 34th Street Macy’s and into Central park, from there we doubled back into Park Avenue and back into Queens where we went to the waterside for a nice view (unfortunately peoples obnoxious music put a bit of a damper on it) and I maybe got a few scoffs from all the guys hanging out by the water with their crotch rockets (aka faster sport bikes) apparently Sunday night is a good night for motorcycles because we saw quite a few. After that we decided to leave and *gulp* try out the highway A) to see where the heck it goes/we end up B) How fast can a 150cc Vespa go? Answer: Pretty fast. and we ended up here ———–> ?   I still don’t know exactly hahaha. After that we headed back to Queens, drove around a bit more and called it a night. Overall I learned that the Vespa handles nicely, picks up well and goes pretty damn fast. The drawbacks were: pot holes, cars cutting us off (just one but I suspect more if it had been a normal day) and my right side rear view mirror came loose from the wind on the highway.

Will I go on the highway again? Maybe.

Did I have fun? Absolutely, it makes all the difference having good company to share it with.

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure and entertainment, Cheers!

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