In and around NYC there are various scooter clubs or “gangs” if you will. Usually your local Vespa store, assuming they participate, will have events. In NYC the popularity of the scooter is on the rise, primarily due to parking and cost. My Vespa gets 75 mpg ! (granted its a 2 gallon tank…) However with city driving it will take awhile to go thru 150 miles… Also check out your states motorcycle laws/restrictions. You don’t want to get caught in violation and get a ticket or worse, your bike taken! No matter where you live get in touch with your local dealer or just look up your area to see what is going on. Group rides and charity events are worthwhile, not to mention some pubs that are bike friendly will hook it up ! Remember to drive safely & defensively.

Links !(psst, down there)

P.s. Also who knows… you’ll meet other Vespa/Motorcycle enthusiasts and maybe a mod dreamboat or two… ahahahahah


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