Maiden Voyage.

My route from Vespa Queens to the Upper East Side…
The store is like a candy shop, sea foam green and as cute as you’d expect it to be..
.. My chariot ! hahahah. Well I’ve been taking baby steps, besides driving home from the garage yesterday today was an actual drive somewhere, its first road trip (short as it was) and technically second time out of storage. Going across the bridge was my favorite part. The wind rushing by and perfect summer weather as you come up onto a view of the city. Today in particular was excellent weather, the humidity of the past few days lifted. Of course after work I had a friend snap the first EVER picture of me, licensed and ready to go, on my new ride.
When I returned home there was some concern over where to park my bike as they, much like ipods and the like are a target of thieves. I’m just a little paranoid…. luckily my landlord just bought a Honda sport bike 2 weeks ago and is a bike enthusiast so immediately came over and helped me find a spot and lock it up too, right in front of our building.! In the city you cannot park on the sidewalk or you will face a ticket (take your plate off… it helps deter them) but here.. especially since our landlord owns the building, I got a free pass. Thank god I have an amazing landlord. Tomorrow morning its back to Vespa Queens for a top case.. I need more storage !
Cheers !

2 Comments on Maiden Voyage.

  1. Jay Robert
    July 9, 2014 at 3:32 am (10 years ago)

    Nice! I’ve got a huge vintage scooter AND moped passion. (But there are a couple modern bikes I like as well.) Right now, I’m looking for a French Motobecane 40T moped, in solid condition, so that I can re-build it as a sort of cafe style bike, with a somewhat more powerful engine. (Standard is a 50cc 2-stroke, but I want to convert it to a little larger 4-stroke, so that oil doesn’t have to be added each fueling, and the engine runs much cleaner. I like the sound of a 4-stroke with a good exhaust, better than a 2-stroke, too 😉 …Anyway, nice scoot you got there 🙂

    • bleuelectrc
      July 21, 2014 at 5:14 pm (10 years ago)

      Thank you I love it as I have admired them for several years,vintage and new models 🙂


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