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Whoa oh, ho, it's Monday!

*blogged after a lazy Saturday and a grilled hamburger*
Yet again it’s Monday you know. Perhaps it’s not exactly magic to you  but it  certainly  can be! Therefore, to help ease you into this week here’s a list of  seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
1)Broadway Plays!

My oh my, are good plays overly expensive. However, sometimes it’s totally worth it. I was having a major hankering for some artistic fulfillment so I  made the splurge this time. It’s even better when you can share it with  someone you love. Therefore, I’m also taking a lovely little cousin to Her first play. You can never start em’ too young. Not to mention it’s   the best way to spend two hours of your life, rather then on Facebook people.
2) The Henry Norman  Hotel Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

This place puts the H in hip, with it’s amazing location and loft style living rooms. They have a curated mini bar full of locally produced goods, and some stellar doormen  that make you feel fancy. Not to mention the  sleek  cars they will freely chauffeur you in around Brooklyn. I can’t say enough lovely things about how great this place is. So, if your holiday destination is in New York  City,  stay here and live like a local not a tourist!
3) Hard Root Beer

Pictured: Not your Father’s  hard root beer, and Coney Island hard root beer. I have not been into anything with the label hard on it since sneaking ” beverages,” into  my underage slumber parties. I also, didn’t realize that root beer, which is already good  could be greatly improved upon with the addition of alcohol and a nifty label.
4) Pleasant Ebay Transactions – the money and the people who part with it-
It’s not often you have sweet interactions with complete strangers on the internet(unless you’re being a creeper) usually  never making face to face contact with someone is  impersonal, but sometimes you get surprised. I’ve been  a highly rated seller(bragging rights) on Ebay for quite sometime and I still get surprised. To  give you an idea, here are some of my favorites. Recently a  Husband purchased an anniversary  gift for his Wife from me, and We discussed when to ship it so it could be  a surprise for Her. Another,  was  with a kind young Lady that was enthusiastic and interested in my item, and as a follow up happily let me know how much She liked it upon receipt. You just don’t get those kinds of interactions  everyday as a seller, and I love when I do!
5) Coffee Wars!?
For a time I  boycotted the billionaire beans peddler Starbucks in favor of local small  coffee shops. Many of us already know it’s over rated but even so, I still get surprised when I find good coffee for under  $3.00.  One such case recently was our Canadian friends Tim Horton’s. Even though I’ve consumed enough Starbucks to be a card carrying gold member(oh how I’ve turned from my ways!) I still try to support smaller businesses as much as possible. Besides, I’m only a gold member for the benefits!
6) Childhood Memories
Many of you have positive memories of your youth(I hope) but nothing  tears at your emotions quite like visiting places  from your younger self. Recently I had the pleasure(and displeasure) of standing mere feet away from my favorite childhood destination, the prehistoric forest. As I imagined myself getting smaller  I could see the now abandoned(tears) park coming back to life. This was the place that held so many childhood memories for me, and all I wanted to do was go back!
7) Mother’s Day everyday
If you’re in the U.S, I presume that since yesterday you have hugged, kissed, and even given your Mommy a present.  It’s probably good for your bank account this doesn’t happen everyday. However, your Mother  is still your Mom everyday! Therefore, if you can’t afford to buy Her things all the time, at least show some appreciation kids.
Last but not least, the drink! A chocolate margarita, find the recipe here.

Margarita Monday hooray!

Instead of sliding through the week feeling stuck  why not pepper it with some fun new things!? Because,  a new week does mean a fresh  5 days and 120 hours  of new possibilities. Therefore, take advantage and use them well! Here’s a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
#1)  My Fitness Pal

As if you need another useless  app cluttering  up your phone,well  if you actually use  this one, it’s nearly indispensable! My great Grandmother   stayed slim Her entire life(all 97 years of it) by keeping track of calories on paper in a little book. This app does the same thing but makes it incredibly easy and useful.  Since I found myself less mobile  and active since the stroke, this has been keeping me slim too, even losing weight! Therefore, I highly recommend it. If you aim to live a healthy  lifestyle this makes it a whole lot easier. Especially if you live in the fat laden American culture, this will help you opt out of it. So get  downloading and make life healthier and your body happy!
#2) Starbucks Roastery  NYC

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

As if Starbucks hasn’t nearly taken over Manhattan and the  World enough already. They’re planning a 20,000 square foot roastery  in the meat packing district much like the one they have in Seattle. Now instead of waiting in long lines, you can spend the whole afternoon there! Or you could just pick up a latte from one of their over 200 locations found in  the city.
#3) This video
Perhaps I should be glad I didn’t have siblings?
#4) Crown and Glory

Co-founded by   alternative wedding blogger babe  Kat Williams  this whimsical and beautiful hair accessory line fills a  much needed niche! Flower crowns may not be considered essential but they so should be! Not only does it draw attention to you for all the right reasons, but it seriously brightens up  the day for everyone.
#5) lulu organics

Let’s be honest not only is washing your hair everyday a pain, but it’s also not  good for it! Those oils on your scalp are there for a reason. However, you can find a happy balance by not washing it  all the time. Enter, dry shampoo sprays  and powders. This little product is a savior to all low maintenance ladies and hung over rock stars everywhere. Just spray your roots on those in between days, and wallah , back to a head of happy hair! It’s even better when it  doesn’t harm your skin or the environment. Not to mention, its creator has a tree house how cool is that!?
#6) Strawberry Basil  Popsicles
This list is not complete without a tasty treat and this one  happens to be awesome!
I came across these at a local food and flea market, which  spurred me to buy some rocket pop molds and get to freezing  strawberries! That and it was Summer after all.Find the recipe right here Ladies and Gents.
#7) Career Girl  Daily App

I know, I know another app. The difference is, where one works on the internal this one works on the external! This one is especially useful if you’re a  career minded female. Not to mention, it has loads of helpful reading material and may actually offer you some inspiration.
Lastly, Cheers! Sip on this smoky  Summer watermelon number.
Find the recipe here.

Margarita Monday

It’s that time again… no, not Christmas thank God. Whether you wanted it to happen or not, it’s here  Monday funday! So, cheer up and make the next  five days and 120 hours count. The question isn’t  will you, but how are you going to do that? Well, for starters take stock, make some lists, and decide which goal  you’re going to focus on. Therefore,( for now) sit back relax  and enjoy this list of seven things that should be on your radar. One for each glorious day of the week.

#1) Jonathan Adler vice collection.

Oh, Jonathan you pricey and chic designer you.

As much as I wanted these when they first came out, I couldn’t justify spending a small fortune to hide my imaginary(or not) stash of uppers. However, these are not only funny but quite cute and functional. If you’ve ever read Valley of the Dolls(you so should) you’ll probably want one. Just try not to clutter up your vanity top with too many cute boxes, although I’m guilty of doing that too!

#2) Marimekko Target collection.

The sixties  may have been over forty years ago, but  this company has kept its style alive. However, not at 1960’s prices. Fortunately  though, you’re in luck because Target has swooped in(yet again) with an affordable designer collaboration. You can bet when it drops in stores and online April 17th I’ll be there, ready to warm up my credit card by sliding it through check out.  The odds are decent that this collection will go fast, so give it a looksie(made up word) for yourself.

#3) Vfish Chicago.

Not only is this a super comfy and cute brand but the origin of its name is spectacular.

The name was inspired by the founder’s  beautiful and  bad ass Grandmother Vera Fishbough, hence the name. It’s worth giving them a visit, and you  can do that online here.

I have a few very soft and comfy pieces from them that I really like, so  here’s a hint  get the leggings!

#4) Lola Star.

There are quite a few shops and eateries lining the infamous Coney Island boardwalk, but nothing caught my eye quite like this  awesome little shop. Not only is it super cute and kitschy, but the   adorable owner designs all the  cool shirts herself! Not to mention She attended   a  good art school located in my “home town!” So of course I was drawn to this shop even more, and not just because of the pink unicorns. It’s simply just a   unique and cool shopping destination on the boardwalk. Can’t seem to get to the East  Coast of the U.S? Well, you’re in luck because you can shop online! Just go here, and while your at it look up Her new shop in Rockaway too. Overall this girl created a  good brand, and is full of fun things(ie  hula classes, roller rinks, and LOTS of pink!

#5) Conscious Closets.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.58.22 PM

This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not just for hippies and tree huggers. The fact is, our culture is incredibly wasteful. A large part of this waste has been what they call “fast fashion,” so try to avoid those bargain stores like Forever 21 and H&M. The video below will help explain this a bit more, so watch it! Pretty please?


#6) Get a smashbook!?


To summarize what a smashbook is, it’s like  a scrapbooking speed round. You don’t have to make it pretty, just stick and glue(with notes if you wish) the things you like in a handy book you can keep them all in. The reason this is helpful is because it can really help declutter your space. Instead of scraps of paper and pictures randomly pasted on your walls or cork board, why not  put them all in a book? Putting all your favorite images or quotes in one place gets them off the wall and really opens up your space. Not only that but you’ll still have them all! Just in a cute book.. If  you don’t know where to start, check THIS out. Having a more minimal  space allows for increased productivity and a clearer mind. Therefore, I really recommend doing this, especially in your office space!

#7) The Rustbelt Market in Ferndale, Michigan.

I can’t rep this place enough because it’s so unique and cool. Not only does it support local artisans and independent business but it  is SO FUN! One building that houses a collection of cool vendors that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’d like to get more details  about this place check out my blog post about it here.

Lastly, Cheers! with a blackberry thyme margarita. Find the recipe here.


Drink up!


Margarita Monday

Welcome to the fourth edition of celebrating Monday! Geeze, I’m still a newbie when it comes to  liking Mondays. A hard won battle I can assure you. As a recovering weekend  warrior it’s no small change that I now like Monday. How could you do such a thing!? you may ask…

Well, once I realized that the beginning of the week left me with  five days and  120 new hours of possibilities, my tune began to change. Therefore, here are some things that should be on your radar, one for every  day of the week!

#1) Ivory Ella


  If you love elephants but hate the  exploitation and abuse  of them, then consider showing your support  of this company. Not only do they donate 10% of their profits to help save the elephants(most give 1%) but they do it in style. Check them out here  and consider donning  a shirt to spread the message! Not only that, but how cute would a tee be for the gym?



Since I love British culture and chocolate, and even better when they’re combined! Not to mention, with a funny name to boot.  This shop has made a  name for itself  in the chocolate world and with celebreties  alike. They are one of the few places that turn  cocoa beans(chocolate) into art. Just check out some of their creations and shop here.

#3)TCHO Mokaccino chocolate


Speaking of beans, this one combines both chocolate and coffee! All wrapped up in a cute package.

beans(coffee that is) all in a pretty wrapping. With this bar, you can have a pretty capuccino whenever you want. The Easter bunny was kind enough to bring me one of these.All the more reason to love cute bunnies .

#4) Juice Beauty


Many know of  Gwyneth Paltrow from movies and Her ventures into health, food,  and beauty, but must it come at celebrity prices? Rather then purchase Her skincare from  Her hailed site Goop, try going to the  affordable source instead. Her other line Juice Beauty manufactures the products  for Goop as well, but at much higher prices. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to buy the products under the Juice Beauty name instead. Your pocketbook(and bank account) will thank you, and so will your skin.

#5) Heads Up by Ellen


I love Ellen Degeneres, how could you not!? Among Her many talents She also comes up with fun games. This one you can download to your smartphone for  99 cents, and it’s worth every penny.  Think of  it as charades gone mobile. It’s a fun party game or even just for two people  that are bored on a weekday. Not only that, but  with its fast game play you could do it on your lunch break, with  a fun co-worker.

#6) The Pixies!


It’s time to give credit where credit is due. I have heard this band in the background  of so many advertisements that the hipster in me is slightly annoyed. So, if your digging a song you heard on an American television advert, this is likely the band your ears took a liking to. I have also seen a play built around the music  of this group, so needless to say they can carry more then just a tune! Therefore, perhaps you’d like to give them a listen?



I have found some of the coolest items on this site. Hello, bluetooth shower speaker and David Bowie umbrella! They not only work with some pretty amazing designers but also have  some on point customer service(trust me I would know)  in all my online shopping they’ve been a favorite. Check them out here.

Last but not least, cheers! A roasted blueberry basil margarita. Get the recipe here.


Love and possibility,


Margarita Monday


To celebrate this weeks version of a “New Year,’ aka Mondayi n style Here is a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day of the week! You may have had some cocktails at brunch yesterday but, please  treat yourself to another. Another cocktail is never too much!

#1) Attila Marcel.


I had the pleasure of taking in this film at a indie film fest. I have always loved the whimsical  French film Amelie, but this one is a very strong contender to top it!

This film is also whimsical but with a male character. Also replace the  love interest that collects photos with a quirky neighbor that provides drug trips to unearth lost memories.

#2) MOMA cloud umbrella


Staying dry in rainy New York(or anywhere)weather just became a whole lot brighter(and fun) this umbrella looks like all business from the outside, until you look up! With this  little secret other people’s rainy days will be your blue sky affairs. Since I tend to collect groups of items that strike my fancy, this one is on my list “add to unique umbrella collection.” Perhaps it should be on yours too. Find it here.

#3) Premade eggless cookie dough


Just when we all thought that Ben & Jerry’s had  post breakup food on lock down now comes this! I’ve tried it during a Netflix and chill day, and let me tell you the next time I get dumped, and choose to wallow in sweets this will be in my shopping cart.

#4) Tumeric, curry, Indian food and the future!


On second thought, nothing releases frustration like eating better and frequenting a gym, so skip the cookie dough in favor of delicious Indian food. Why? Because not only is it  tasty, but very healthy. Why? There are numerous studies showing the benefits of consuming curry and thereby tumeric which contains curcumin. Not only does this wonder  food help treat but also prevent things like alzheimers, dementia, and even some cancers. Thanks to the great American diet lots of people are losing their minds in old age. However, Indians that eat a lot of curry(curcumin) don’t! So make like a Easterner and eat curry.

#5) Mommy and me happy hour


There’s nothing wrong with having some milk while Mom has a margarita people. This is what happens when hipsters grow up and create their own tiny humans. There are many bars in and around New York that won’t raise their eyebrows if you walk in with a  stroller. Here’s a list of them!

#6) Steripods


As Mike Rowe of  Dirty Jobs fame demonstrated, bathrooms are not a safe place for your toothbrush. Think floating bacteria ejected from your open toilet.. gross that’s what  I said. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to invest(a whole $5.00) in a sterilizing cover for your bristles. Knowing your not sticking a bacteria laced toothbrush in your mouth will help you sleep better, and wake up fresher in the morning. You can find your own steripods here.

#7)  Music!


A  good tune is always a welcome addition to any day, and lately I’ve had this  good tune(and confidence  laden lyrics) going through my head. Not to mention, as you’ll see in   Her music video, Paloma Faith has some great style and a good voice!

Last but not least cheers!  Hibiscus tea margarita. Find the recipe here.


have a great week!


Margarita Monday

Wait, am I really suggesting we celebrate Mondays!? Well, Yes!

Because, if you really think about it, it’s like  Father Time gave us a New Year every week in the form of the beginning of it. Which  would be… ? Monday. Now ya’ got it.

In  lieu  of this  new information, I’m listing seven things that should be on your radar. One for each day of the week. Enjoy!

#1)Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday


If you  didn’t grow up with

the zany character Paul  Reubens created, I’m sorry because it’s pretty awesome.

Although I would’ve liked his holiday to be longer it was  still fun! If you missed it, no worries because it’s  on Netflix. Not to mention, in 2011 little did I know Pee Wee was in my city and I could’ve met him! Life goal missed… but I digress it’s okay He’s with me in spirit.

#2) A kid that shares his toys!


There’s nothing like the purity and innocence you have as a child and this one is awesome.

How sweet that He recognizes that the World  could use some smiles, amen to that!

Not to mention, I so want a rubber ducky from him. What can I say? I like bath time.

#3) The Flying Monkey Bakery Philadelphia.

635930027364225047-1698768606_Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.58.41 PM


Get ready to say yippie for whoopie! Firstly, I got to buy moon pies from a girl in a cape that did burlesque in NY on the side.

And secondly, how cool is that!?   They also have a kooky creation that’s a pie inside of a cake! It’s like the pastry equivalent of turducken. Check them out at Philadelphia’s Reading Market or online here.

#4) Janes  Carousel, in Brooklyn  Bridge  Park


I  have always had a “thing,” with carousels(as in I must ride as many as possible in varying locations) and when I found out about this vintage beauty I had to ride it, so I did. See that here, and learn more about  the carousel here. Not to mention, Martha Stewart is a fan. Therefore, everyone is welcome(even convicts!

#5) Art & Beer  in Baja Mexico


I have only seen pictures but my God I have no doubt this place is awesome!

Therefore, if your lucky enough to find yourself in Baja(I haven’t been) give this place a look and pour one out for your homie(me) just don’t waste too much beer. Check out this  video of the place narrated by some cute voyaging vixens here.

#6) Dior  Backstage Eyeliners


Just in case you forgot(or didn’t know in the first place) many moons ago Dior

released a very expensive set of “reusable,” eyeliner patches. Word on the street is that they’re generally too large for the eye and the glue is irritating. Therefore, I got mine on Ebay baby.! I have yet to use them, but I find so far imagining how beautious I’ll look in them does just as swell.  Either way this is definitely a  makeup “investment,” piece.

#7) Miss Dior parfume


More Dior? I know!

But  have you actually smelled this scent!?

It’s definitely one of my favorites. I wish computers offered scratch and sniff for this one.

Not to mention, they call it Miss so it makes me feel young.(haha-ha.

At the ripe  “ old age,” of 32 I’ll  take what I can get.

Last but not least, the drink!


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.32.17 PM



Margarita Monday!


“To find joy in work, is to discover the fountain of youth.” -unknown.

Disclaimer: Mondays are actually good  because, not only is it the beginning of a fresh week full of new possibilities but also about 120 hours in which to meet new goals!
As a former “weekend warrior,” I know Mondays get a bad rap  but I have grown to love them. Something I never thought possible until I changed my perspective. Rather then dread them I  now look forward to them. So, in that spirit I propose a toast. Here’s a list (and a cocktail of course) of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each  day of the week.

forget-the-cronut--we-tried-the-rainbow-bagel-that-people-are-going-nuts-about-on-social-media#1  Rainbow Bagels. 

Yup, these beautiful creations from The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY sold out in seconds upon their discovery. In fact, I’m still on a waiting list to  snail mail order these unicorns of the bagel borough. Even though technically every borough of NYC is like a   “bagel borough,” they’re as delicious as they are pretty. Forget the skittles I want to taste this rainbow! Check em’ out here.

url#2  Babycakes nyc boxed mixes
Stellar news for anyone with  a food allergy,  this adorable and tasty bakery now sells mixes on Amazon! Thank you food Gods above. Check them out and purchase them online now! In the meantime watch  this ridiculously cute video on Vimeo with music by  The Cults. The niece of  Babycakes owner Erin Mckenna makes up one half the band(of course) that, and I want their cute uniforms!
#3 Kissing bunnies!images-1  This one is somewhat irrelevant, but Valentines wasn’t too long ago and it is almost Easter. Besides, who doesn’t love fuzzy cute bunnies? If you don’t… “You unfeeling humanoid!”
#4  Bluetooth Shower Speaker  I randomly found this online at and it has revolutionized my mornings(wait- afternoon, I don’t wake up early) therefore, I highly recommend getting one, you can find them pretty cheap and let’s  face it, they’re cute and put the fun in functional!
#5 Makeup, for your face!    If you love makeup(guilty)
and you’re not of the high maintenance variety, this product  is fantastic. It not only gives you pretty skin, is easy to apply(hello smear everywhere) and has SPF in it! You can find it at Ulta, but good luck because they’re usually nearly gone or picked over. Otherwise you can purchase it online, check it out here. Happy shopping!
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.45.23 PM
#6 David Bowie, duh! If you love the space man your in luck because,!?) has a line of accessories emblazoned with the image of  it’s very own rock n’ roll alien.


#7 Frame Soccer    Last but certainly not least.

Kids of every ability should be able to enjoy sports. Thankfully, this new one sweeping England and Europe does just that. Learn more about it here.

 Oh! and let’s not forget… the drinks!
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.39.28 PM