Wait, am I really suggesting we celebrate Mondays!? Well, Yes!

Because, if you really think about it, it’s like  Father Time gave us a New Year every week in the form of the beginning of it. Which  would be… ? Monday. Now ya’ got it.

In  lieu  of this  new information, I’m listing seven things that should be on your radar. One for each day of the week. Enjoy!

#1)Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday


If you  didn’t grow up with

the zany character Paul  Reubens created, I’m sorry because it’s pretty awesome.

Although I would’ve liked his holiday to be longer it was  still fun! If you missed it, no worries because it’s  on Netflix. Not to mention, in 2011 little did I know Pee Wee was in my city and I could’ve met him! Life goal missed… but I digress it’s okay He’s with me in spirit.

#2) A kid that shares his toys!

There’s nothing like the purity and innocence you have as a child and this one is awesome.

How sweet that He recognizes that the World  could use some smiles, amen to that!

Not to mention, I so want a rubber ducky from him. What can I say? I like bath time.

#3) The Flying Monkey Bakery Philadelphia.

635930027364225047-1698768606_Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.58.41 PM


Get ready to say yippie for whoopie! Firstly, I got to buy moon pies from a girl in a cape that did burlesque in NY on the side.

And secondly, how cool is that!?   They also have a kooky creation that’s a pie inside of a cake! It’s like the pastry equivalent of turducken. Check them out at Philadelphia’s Reading Market or online here.

#4) Janes  Carousel, in Brooklyn  Bridge  Park


I  have always had a “thing,” with carousels(as in I must ride as many as possible in varying locations) and when I found out about this vintage beauty I had to ride it, so I did. See that here, and learn more about  the carousel here. Not to mention, Martha Stewart is a fan. Therefore, everyone is welcome(even convicts!

#5) Art & Beer  in Baja Mexico


I have only seen pictures but my God I have no doubt this place is awesome!

Therefore, if your lucky enough to find yourself in Baja(I haven’t been) give this place a look and pour one out for your homie(me) just don’t waste too much beer. Check out this  video of the place narrated by some cute voyaging vixens here.

#6) Dior  Backstage Eyeliners


Just in case you forgot(or didn’t know in the first place) many moons ago Dior

released a very expensive set of “reusable,” eyeliner patches. Word on the street is that they’re generally too large for the eye and the glue is irritating. Therefore, I got mine on Ebay baby.! I have yet to use them, but I find so far imagining how beautious I’ll look in them does just as swell.  Either way this is definitely a  makeup “investment,” piece.

#7) Miss Dior parfume


More Dior? I know!

But  have you actually smelled this scent!?

It’s definitely one of my favorites. I wish computers offered scratch and sniff for this one.

Not to mention, they call it Miss so it makes me feel young.(haha-ha.

At the ripe  “ old age,” of 32 I’ll  take what I can get.

Last but not least, the drink!


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.32.17 PM




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