Just Kids


         “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”

-Tom Stoppard

So, why did  you grow up?  As kids, we were all in a hurry to be a “grown up.” Anticipating staying up as late as we wanted and eating ice cream for breakfast. However, once we got there it turned out that eating healthy and getting regular sleep was more sensible. What happened to our freedom of choice as grown ups? Even more so, where did that childhood wonder run off to? The World played its  hand in eking out most of it from us through time. Those of us that managed to hold on to some of it, flourished in  our levels of happiness and were called “easily amused.”   The presence of an overactive imagination and silly sense of humor faded out with our dislike for taking baths. As those traits began to fade, we acquired new ones of stress and responsibility. With the age of a grown up finally reached and all the new freedoms, why did we restrict ourselves!? Did the popular opinion  to  sway towards being boring come from jealousy?  Perhaps the majority was envious of the minority who managed to retain some of that magical  childhood  spunk.  The world is far easier to navigate if you can  manage to evade the sinister stress monster or find the magic in the mundane. Both  of which are qualities we had as children that the jealous world attempted to rob us  of. How could we let this happen? Generations have come and gone having forgotten about their childhood dreams. Didn’t anyone get the memo that we’re allowed to do whatever we want now!?  While unfortunately you do have to conform to the World’s system, you don’t have to conform to its mindset. Try to find that stubborn  little kid inside and  don’t  fear the path of resistance. Most will choose the path of least resistance, which usually leads nowhere all that wonderful. We may have been  forced or in a hurry to grow up, but this is one instance where being behind  is actually beneficial.

find your *magic* and keep it!


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