Bag Lady(lipstick) beauty review!


There’s just something iconic about lipstick. While your Aunt Fanny with Her lipstick smeared teeth  may have put you off to it,you’ll find that the right swipe of this pigmented beauty product has a  strange way of making you feel better and more powerful, even sexy. Whether it’s a red lip announcing your presence in the room or  the icing on your makeup sundae, lipstick changes lives. Not literally of course, but something about it harkens back to the more glamorous days of Woman kind. I’m telling you, put on a pair of big glasses and a swipe of rouge and someone will mistake you for a movie star on the local bus(true story). Not enough Women  realize or “harness,” the power of lipstick. Many old Hollywood stars  took advantage of its benefits and   during the war  in the 1940’s “Rosie the Riveter,” was coined to describe the power woman who had Her hair and lipstick in place to do any job regardless of difficulty. Now if that’s not some badass feminism I don’t know what is! It’s about time more of us besides Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani enjoyed the “power of lipstick.” Therefore,  continue on  to check out some shades!
Spilling out of my Henri Bendel makeup  bag we have(swatches left to right) :
1)Marc  Jacobs kiss, kiss bang bang.
2)Bite Beauty juice.
3) MAC personal pick
4) Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar in pink
5) Clinique in melon pop
Get  the makeup  bag here.
Whatever color you choose, be sure to do Rosie the  Riveter proud!
images  bleu

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