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Lets Take Over the World

-And other tales from the ambitious front line


I have been walking in circles, how frustrating is it when life becomes a string of work, work, home, work.. ahhh ! There is more, there HAS to be more then the 4 concrete walls inside which I live. It doesn’t help that I get bored easily.. I can recall long periods of time spent laying on my bed staring at the ceiling before finally deciding to get up and retreat to my Mother to exclaim “I’m Bored” to which she replied “Someday you’ll wish you were bored.” or threats of “I’ll find something for you to do..” Really?

I often now know what she meant, back then all my responsibilities consisited of -Go To School, and thats it… oh how nice it was to be bored!!

But alas I get bored now, more so… restless

I always feel more content around the people I love, naturally….when left to my own devices for long stretches of time I either get weirder and sometimes quieter (yes, I do actually stop talking at some point, believe it or not)

So fellow humans reading this article what is the solution to this boredom? Well, since I can’t magically move my very best friends and family here to be my neighbors or at least be within weekend visit driving distance.. ALAS….. luckily growing up an only child (please do not be biased, I am not one of those only children, really.) has provided an excellent capacity to entertain oneself and not feel so lonely as a “lone wolf” … Also everyone struggles with boredom and visits Bummerville from time to time.. (Note* Bummerville is nowhere near Margaritaville because the general population hates Jimmy Buffet’s music)

So perhaps not only I but you need the reminder.. Life is full of the following wonderful things..

KittenspuppiesLaughingFriendsFamilyLOVEgoodfood-Icecream!!FALL.Sledding.Humor.Beer.Art.Music.Beautiful things abound! Leaps and jumps of inspiration.luck.hope.dreams.Travel.Cupcakes.ComicBooks.Dinosaurs. and…. pretty much anything else that gives you a glimpse into a better place then the grind we have all created for ourselves and seem to be stuck in at times… Just a friendly reminder that the universe is ever expanding so don’t shut down but expand out with it.. putting limits on yourself in any way is going against nature. Really. And.. I’ve heard Mother Nature isn’t always that forgiving so you better open up and smile.

Notice money is nowhere on the list, honestly, it is the root of all evil and nothing but paper. I worked as a Bank Teller for awhile and at first handling it all you picture this in your head..


But it quickly becomes this after sometime…


I would be in awe of how much people cared about it really. You obviously need it to spin the cogs to live in this world however… it certainly does not buy happiness. Be smart with your money though and you can accomplish a lot of meaningful things however (See also: Altruism, helping family, taking care of your loved ones, buying puppies and kittens?!?!) ha, Why Not?

Cheers my friends.


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