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Facetime isn’t just for iPhones.

You know what’s amazing?
There are millions of people in the world and yet we all look different.
There are so many combinations of two eyes, one nose, and a mouth it’s amazing.
It certainly makes my face making attempts with a Mr Potato Head look infantile.
Because if you really stop to think about it, how is that possible?
Furthermore, if the eyes are the window to the soul then your smile is it’s door.
Growing up my Mum often pointed out people’s unique or beautiful smiles.
They not only change a persons appearance but display a light or happiness from someones soul onto their face.
Even crooked smiles are lovely, because why should they be straight?
Trees that wind and twist are often more interesting than the straight and narrow ones, the same could be said of smiles.
In a busy distracting world “grownups,” tend to lose their childlike wonder.
If you’ve ever noticed,anyone that retains it comes off as “magical” or easily amused.
That’s not so because those people have just found how to quiet their minds to catch the things in life that often go unnoticed.
In the film American Beauty,I once  thought the bag in the wind scene to be stupid(below).

However,  it isn’t and it’s a good example of  just quieting yourself to notice the unseen beauty around you.
When I find myself looking too much at ground level, I know it must be time to look up.

Because if you fail to look beyond yourself or your immediate surroundings you’ll miss out on the beautiful sky and looming buildings just above your head.
As we know, a bird cannot fly very far stuck in a cage….
The “world” looks up to supposed perfect celebrities, but they forget its better to look down.
After all kids see at a lower level(eye-level) that’s why they catch more than us.
While were  thinking of jobs, appointments, bills, or a current dilemma we miss the small things like a passing smile from a stranger, the little fuzzy caterpillar climbing a tree, or tiny birds hopping along the sidewalk in all their cute glory.
Life is a series of many small moments, and while in our “grownup” heads we simply miss them.

some of my  favorite smiles:


Keep looking up(and down!),