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They tell me I'm pretty.


“Everything has  its  beauty, but not everyone sees it.” -Confucius.

What value does being pretty really have? Is it financially gainful?  In some  cases, yes. Is it morally upright?  Does it validate your existence?  It would appear that in many societies it does. Especially if you’re of the female persuasion. There was a time, when I felt validated only by my pretty face. Coming to the conclusion that if nothing else, at least I was pretty. However, I’d much rather have a functioning left arm than  big pretty eyes! Another important question, “What really matters?” I found myself resigned to a  wheelchair, a cane,bulky(heavy)braces, and at one point the ugliest shoes I have ever seen in my life. Where there was once  freedom of movement, cute little  shoes, and fashionable clothes I found myself stuck with the opposite at the time.  Being in these unwanted and unfavorable circumstances made me question my self worth and even  sexuality as a  Woman. I  no longer felt attractive. In turn this effected how I felt and perceived the world around me. It brought with it the question  of, for many other Women who are(or have become) disabled, how do they feel? Because, until certain aspects of your “normal,”  life experience  change, there are so many nuances you don’t realize or perceive.   Sure, it’s quite nice to be told how pretty you are. But really, in the big scheme of things, what does it matter? I remember one comment I received  in particular(though funny at the time) was quite telling of our  general attitude towards physical appearance. “Well, at least it didn’t mess up your face!” In regards to the stroke, although I’ll readily admit I’m thankful it didn’t. However, what if it did!?  Would I find myself relegated to the forgotten  in  the  world’s population?  What a sad  truth this is for our  society. We place value  on things where there isn’t a whole lot and no value on things where there is much. In fact for some time I had to be stopped from giving away all my  belongings, because after what I went through, the value  of them dropped!  At one point in time where I would spend  frivilously, I now carefully(and delibrately) saved. We all know beauty is only skin deep, but how often do we act on that truth? If we actually did, the cosmetics industry would plummet, bank account  balances would rise, and eating disorders would be arcane. Therefore, take care of your physical  health and appreciate the body you have. Especially since it’s on loan and you can’t take it with you!

respect yourself,


heart of a lion

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” -unknown.

I’m not courageous it’s just that sometimes that’s your only choice. There are two types of people when the situation becomes dire, there are those that will  let the wave of bad circumstance overcome them, and  those that will choose to overcome the circumstance. Rather then hide from the world it is better to go out and meet it. Everyday you engage  with and enjoy life  is a battle won. You have to fight  many small  battles before you can win the whole thing. In facing your fears and choosing to  be seen rather then invisible you’ll find healing. Those who have made their namesake last throughout history did so by jumping into the unknown, facing their fears, and choosing to stand up when others sat  down. The best stories are when the underdog or  the “little guy,” come out on top. However, we often forget  that many of those stories are true. We love those stories, because at one point or another we’ve all been that character. When faced with a giant monster of a problem, in our fear we forget that monsters can be killed. Rather then letting the wave of doom and gloom pull you under, why not  choose to ride it onto better things instead?    You  should  dictate the situation(or illness) and not let the situation dictate you. Even when  outwardly everything seems against you, you can choose to see your way out of it. The human spirit is indomitable. Just as a talented musician plays their instrument, it does not play them. When I’ve met those with a warrior soul, they’re people that  saw a bad circumstance as a challenge, and sought to  beat it.

it’s only a challenge!

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Are you a Beyonce’ Babe?


This is a blog post for all the “Beyonce Babes,”out there.

I was thinking recently about a few of my very good girlfriends and I came to the conclusion that they’re “Beyonce’ Babes.”
That is their designation because they possess the qualities of strong independent women.
As a person of the fairer gender that is what I look up to and aim for.
These are ladies I’m proud to call my friends.
They are women that take care of themselves, rarely rely on a guy, possess creativity, intelligence, and adventure.
These are the type of ladies I want to have a party with in life for a long time to come.

Thank you for going against the age old stereotypes that society has come up with over the years. Whether your a male or female, don’t fret over what others think.
Perhaps that is something that comes with age, but you can get there faster by taking notice of the lessons or mistakes that others have learned.
It’s no wonder the elderly rock stretchy pants and loafers like there is no tomorrow, they simply don’t care!
In conclusion Ladies and Gentleman take heed from them and shed the opinions of others that you don’t need.

rockin’ “stretchy pants,” yours truly,


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