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Dear Reader.

You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.”
― Vironika Tugaleva.

You are more than a conqueror. You are above and not below. You are victorious. You are strong. You are loved. You have love. You have peace. But most of all  there is only one of you! Perhaps no one has told you these things before, but they should have! Too long we have been living from the wrong identity. Identities that have persuaded us that we aren’t enough or we don’t have enough. Because of this we often make the wrong decisions based on a feeling(and out of a place) of lack. However, when we have confidence in, and know our true identities, all our decisions then flow from that place instead. Our  choices all become filtered through the truth rather than a lie. This entire message and concept are exciting to me because it will revolutionize your life. Going into the next decade, if you live from the place of your trueidentity  you’ll experience triumph after triumph. No longer will you be a slave to those old ideas of self. Therefore, not only do you have to make a conscious choice to withdraw from those old ways, but to recognize the truth. Which is, as I’ve said above, the opposite of everything that has held you  down or led to bad decisions.  If you believe you are lacking in some area, you’ll usually strive to get it in some way. Not knowing(or realizing) that you already have it!  If you truly employ this modus operandi, the world around you will change. No longer will you be bending to fit the world, but suddenly it will bend to fit YOU.   Going forward, try to remember that no one can make you feel anything but what you CHOOSE. So, please in every situation choose life.

Happy  New Year!

Go Sailor

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”– John F. Kennedy.

You may not be the Captain of a ship, but you still need to know in which direction your rudder is pointing! Except in this instance the ship is your life and the rudder is your thoughts. Your life will go in the direction of your dominant  thoughts. However,  if you’ve aimed your ship at the cliffside rocks, there is still a way to turn it around. It’s possible to take your thoughts captive and replace those negative  thoughts with positive ones. Because, whether you’re aware of it or not we all have an enemy whispering  into our ears trying to derail us from the great  and fulfilling future  we have ahead of us. All it takes is a steady stream of “you cant’s,” “ it’s not going to happen,” and    this is impossible,” to derail your  ship from reaching its destination. Nowhere  in your life   did  anyone ever tell  you that you simply could not do something, besides your Mother when you were a child, yourself, and guess who else? The enemy!  The one who comes to  kill steal  and destroy your dreams. Therefore, we need to recognize when we’re being lied to. Because, if we fall prey to these lies the cost is too great. The cost is the future you were(and are) meant  to have. What many of us have not been privy to our entire lives is the truth about who we  are.  We are beautiful, capable, strong, intelligent, and  first and foremost LOVED.  You see, this enemy of ours  who loves to tell us the opposite of all those things celebrates when we actually believe them. In nearly every instance of  human failure you can find a place where  someone believed those lies. Because if you believe them how could you succeed!? By convincing you that you’re weak when your actually strong, you’ll let life and its challenges run right over you. However, once you have  the enemy’s  tactics on lock down you’ll easily overcome them. Why?  Because you’re capable,you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re loved, and that’s the truth! Now go out there and make the enemy  be scared of you.

Sail on strong!