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Where do you live? Which county, town, and city?  We can all answer this question for one reason, and one reason only. Boundaries and limitations. As Humans we simply can’t stand not being labelled. We label everything, we need them.  Due to this we can stand in nearly every location and give it a name or an address. But do you know who  cannot do that? Animals. Animals, do not comprehend boundaries. For them, the World is their home. Perhaps, we should take a cue from them and just live, rather than  theorize everything. I know that need to do such a thing, and more than likely  so do you.  More importantly, is it possible to dissolve the boundaries in our minds? It is, it’s uncomftorable, and you’ll probably feel like a leaf in the wind. Should I tell you how I know this? Well…..  after the  Stroke happened to me, my plans and sense of direction dissolved, so I had no choice but to learn how to drift on the wind gracefully. I tried my best to overcome uncertainty, I did my best to accept the change of my  “plans,” and I definitely tried to circumvent  the whole ordeal. But, like a Warbler (bird) in the woods, I had to fly about not knowing anything about the places where  I landed, nor for how long I’d be there. Working on my balance?  That   flight was a bit delayed, and I’m still working on sticking the landing. You’d be shocked at how difficult  walking feels, when  your brain has decided to pretend  that one side of your body doesn’t exist (i.e hemiparalysis)  So, rather than be angry that my balance  seems to constantly threaten me with falls, I am simply grateful to be walking at all.   Just like with my balance, I’m also constantly working on getting better. Not just physically, but in everything. Whilst it is mainly physical improvement I strive for, I don’t forget something equally as important, that of my mind. After all, you may not walk a straight line to your end goal, but as long as you’re steering in that direction you will not fail to reach the desired destination!

Wherever you go, there you are

What defines you? The answer to that question will vary for almost everyone. However, most of those answers will probably be incorrect. Is it your personality? Your  worldly possessions? Or perhaps your zip code? The question of what makes  us human has been debated for eons, and more interestingly  this question could be answered by a  neuroscientist. In other words, perhaps it is the contents of our brains that make us who we are. I contend that it is the strength of your character, the contents of your heart, and the  fruits of your Life.  Sometime ago I would’ve answered it’s your personality that makes you who you are. Except, personalities can change. They only appear to remain constant as long as a person’s Life circumstances remain fairly stable.  Throw a massive stroke in(like I had) or other variation of a brain injury and  what  happens after that, will certainly challenge who you are. Amid  the many words heard  from medical professionals were “personality change,” “ Won’t recognize loved ones anymore,”  and “ We just don’t know how She will turn out.”    I’ll be the first to admit that my behavior at times was outlandish, my social filter was severely compromised, and  everything was up in the air. But- as time goes on( and my social filter has improved) it has become increasingly clear, that I am and have always been me. My interests haven’t particularly changed much, my sense of humor, my likes and dislikes, and so on. What’s stunning about this from a personal and even medical perspective is that, a major trauma or even physical changes have not deviated me away from who I am at the very core of my being.   It doesn’t seem to matter where you put me, I find a way to thrive just as a flower that grows through concrete. Ultimately I’ve learned, what matters most is what you give to others rather than take. And  I’ll tell you a secret. IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO YOU!
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good food, good places.

 I Thought I’d do something a little different, and give you all a new “taste,” of this blog(pun intended.


First on  the platter is Rue 57  New York.  with a deliciously rich atmosphere,and it’s fair share of celebrity sightings it’s no wonder this  midtown Manhattan  eatery is  full of patrons.                                                

                                             Rue 57 offers  everything  from brunch to sushi, the service is attentive and  timely. The presentation of the food is lovely, and more importantly everything is prepared perfectly at this French American Brasserie in the heart of the city. The kitchen, overseen by chef Rich Robson churns out  dishes  from eggs florentine  or  brioche french toast to duck ala orange, and bread pudding. There isn’t much you can’t get at this delectable dining spot.

#2)The Dor-Stop Restaurant, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


If you prefer quaint and homey to rich and fancy this place should be your second stop!

The Dor-Stop Restaurant in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a breakfast fan favorite.

The atmosphere  is casual and feels more like  your home town diner, even if your from out of town. Don’t discriminate it based on looks alone however. Famous for being featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, this place packs a punch for your tastebuds into it’s tiny booths. The coffee is warm and the rasberry french toast is sweet. Not to mention, the prices are reasonable and their breakfast  selection is hard to beat.

In keeping with the home town vibe, if yours is in Poland then your sure to love this next place!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.40.31 PM

#3) Podhalanka in Chicago, has  an old world with a  circa 1956 Poland feel. It’s a  Polish diner owned   for a quarter of a century by a woman from Krakow,and located in the city’s old Polish Triangle. Yet another quaint  place, serving up authentic home cooked Polish meals.

For a more coastal(and warm) atmosphere, let’s head to Half Moon Bay in California.

Here in this serene and beautiful space you’ll find Sam’s Chowder House.

#4) Sam’s Seafood Market and restaurant  at Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto California.


You know a place is good when a television show( Good Morning America) on the opposite side of the country reports on their food. In this case it’s the best lobster rolls I and many others have possibly ever had. The internet is rife with recipes trying to duplicate it’s greatness. However, nothing is quite like the real thing. Not to mention  the location and atmosphere, is  well worth the drive to this seaside Seafood Market and restaurant on the Pacific Ocean. The views are glorious, the fare(in this case sea creatures) are fresh and the price is also reasonable.

Speaking of  our fishy friends, get ready for some of the best sushi and it’s stateside!(go America,go)

#5) Totoro Sushi Ann Arbor, Michigan.



imgresNot only  does this artistic(former very hippie)town offer good shopping,and tasty drinks but great sushi too! They have a variety of rolls and they’re always fresh. A personal favorite of mine is the yam-yam roll(hello sweet potato goodness!) If your not a local, no need to worry as it’s easy to find, right off of State street and next to an Urban Outfitters(I did say shopping didn’t I?

If you like shopping, then you know about New York City. However, your probably unaware of a lesser known(and equally great) place that’s just a hop skip, or a   zipcar away.


#6) The Frog and the Peach, New Brunswick New Jersey. This place boasts all of the swank(valet parking anyone) with none of the attitude. Not just the  main  entrees are delicious, but so is the bar. During happy hour(4:30-6:30) you can enjoy bar food such as mini croissant wrapped kobe beef hot dogs(so good!) with a delicious drink. Not bad at all for a swanky place such as this. Even though it’s off the beaten path from New York, don’t discount the possibilities New  Jersey has to offer. As well as it’s lesser known delicious dining  destinations.

Last but not least some yummy eats that are far from the East!

#7) Boudin Bakery and Cafe.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.03.06 PM

Ah San Fransisco,

Your hills,your  iconic bridge,the flower children,and the salty air in your yeast!?  Yup, the San Fransisco air does something a little bit  special to it’s famous sour dough bread. Which is why you should try some while your there. Enter Boudin Bakery and Cafe. These can be found dotted around San Fransisco and serving up it’s tasty bread along with soups and sandwiches. Move over Panera, because here comes your  laid back and hipper older sibling.

Cheers! live well and eat well,


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Honesty is the best policy…

Not to be a Debbie Downer but a few if not a lot of questions have plagued me from time to time since I settled into Ny…
I am close with many people in my family and friends that I left behind in Michigan… at least I hope none of them feel I “left” them… anyway… I just saw an opening in the road to fulfill a long time daydream of mine and decided to take the chance. So far besides having a ridiculously nice apartment just fall into my lap as well as an amazing job/opportunity (not without much hard work of course) I do feel I was led here for one reason or another and I haven’t quite figured what that reason is yet. I miss my cousins (aka the closest to siblings I will ever have or want!) badly, my parents and best friend(s). I struggle with thoughts of feeling bad for not being around or participating more in their paths of growing ever taller and older.  I am not sure when I will be done with N.Y. … I never had a plan here, I just came.. jobless with little money and only a guarantee of a room to reside in, the rest I figured out along the way.. I’m still figuring it out. I am from time to time restless in thought and body.. I am a traveler at heart; an adventurer; a risk taker; (not always good) and I doubt that will ever wane from me. I always seem to learn the hard way (unintentional!) and dive right into the deep end, sink or swim. I can only hope this path leads somewhere on the up and up. Progress, thats all. At this point I am at the “What’s next?” and it feels slow and dragging. I aim to stay positive however and I generally am… I think a vacation is in order as soon as work allows. I need some space. Home is absolutely where the heart is. Where and who is your home?

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