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Century Girl

Recently, I turned  100 before my Great Grandmother, and that’s okay with me!

In the past I have spoken about how important hope is to us as people.

One story that comes to mind about my Grandmother(Grandma Cookie) is a day  when She was visiting.

I had recently acquired the  book Century Girl about a fantastic woman who lived in the days of the NYC Zeigfeld Follies   dancers and continued to be involved with dance  until She turned  a century.

The reason this was special to share with my Grandmother is because of( you guessed it) JHope!

Seeing another woman who was able to live, and live that long and do it  vibrantly was important to encourage Her.

Not to mention it wasn’t often someone 60 years Her junior could converse about music,actors,and  events from the 1930’s.

She was born in 1918, lived through the depression, and enjoyed dancing to big bands with Her brother on the weekends.

I always enjoyed Her stories and pictures from days past.

More recently at the age of 95 life is waning away from Her.

However, I expect to be 100 right along with Her.

This is a post dedicated to love,hope,and most of all thankfulness!

That being said dear reader, check out my silly video below please and thank you….



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