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Use the China


“Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.


Most of us believe We have posessions,but the truth is We own nothing. This life is transient and We can take nothing with us. Therefore, don’t save your best china(or clothes)for holidays or dinner guests, but use it for every meal. I think everyone has the tendency to save their nicest belongings for special occasions. However, each day you  have to  inhabit and enjoy is a special occasion. Therefore, wear  that lovely outfit or dust off your jewelry box and don that pretty(expensive)necklace. Nice belongings have a funny way of making us feel better,and each day you should srive to feel as lovely as your expensive(and special)necklace looks. We are perceived by our exteriors,while simultaneously  they are influenced by our interiors. If you don’t feel well, you won’t look well. Even when there is nothing to celebrate it’s worth putting in some extra effort. As I’ve learned, material belongings mean very little in the broad scope of things.  My valued posessions, pale in comparison to the  simple joy of happiness. I’d rather be contented and happy then have a pair of Prada  sunglasses. My great Grandmother put on a blouse,earrings,and makeup everyday and then proceeded to sit  in Her apartment to watch television alone. She wasn’t getting dressed  for others,but for Herself. Even money in all reality is just paper We assign value to, and yet how much  violence,crime,and greed is caused by it? I spent time as a bank teller, and after a year it felt like I was playing Monopoly. How silly  it is to lust after something as meaningless as money. All  the work it takes to earn it,and then buy posessions only to  “save,”them? After my injury I used to think how useless one million dollars would be to me. Because, what would I do with it? Would a million dollars restore my body physically? No.  Would it bring true happiness? No. I concluded that money was useless to me. I’d no sooner  choose to be a happy, and healthy  person,then a millionaire. This existence is far too brief to warrant  saving pretty dishes in a case  to  gather dust. My dear friends, don’t save them, but use them for every meal!

save room for dessert,