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Hoo are you?


“Are you your looks,accomplishments,things you own,or things you have done?”

I used to attribute my value to things outside of myself.

When I told others about where I was from or lived I was often times met with reactions of being impressed.

This told me that others also identified value with things outside of  themselves.

Your not your house,your car,or  even your job.

However, you happen to be your children,your  significant other,and your friends(guilty by association!) all these people are reflections of you and also express a portion of your  soul(mind+emotions+thoughts)   were more than just a physical body(despite science class explanations…) but we also have a spirit.I realized one day that each of my friends served a valuable purpose in my life and reflected part of my personality  as well.I’m not just where I live or what I do.I am at  the very core a spirit and so are you.We each posses a spirit that drives us in the direction of its characteristics.

What I have found is that indomitable human spirit that  continues moving forward despite circumstances.

Contrary to anything physical that other people can see,we have an entire world  happening internally.

It’s in this world where our thoughts,ideas,and emotions originate.

Things flow from the internal to the external and not the other way around.

Therefore nothing outside of yourself can define you.

You set your own limits as well as  how far you will go.

We can all go as far as we want to!

I find that idea fun& exciting.There is no reason to give yourself a glass ceiling.

Moreover where your motivation originates can also dictate the outcome.

If the motivation is material odds are you won’t go terribly far. On the contrary if your motivation is of the immaterial chances are those ceilings won’t exist for you.

The greatest actions I have seen usually come from a place of love.

When you have only  yourself to gain and nothing to lose.There is no telling where you can go.Finally  try to forget the pre-conceived notions of what makes us successful and valuable and instead recognize accomplishments and your spirit world. Inanimate objects will always be there, the world is full of unnecessary material items that don’t really matter.While material posessions abound, there is only one you.