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Count the missing


This is not about making sure all the school kids are back on the bus after a field trip. Rather it’s about focusing on what you don’t have and making that a  positive. Sometimes, depending on your circumstances  those things can be  extreme, but relevant nonetheless. If you pay attention to all the drug advertisements on television that alone should comfort you. Because, if you listen  carefully they’re  aimed at a lot of people that are less fortunate  than you. The hundreds if not thousands of people that have things like hepatitis C, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, crohn’s disease, chronic arthritis, pulmonary edema, and a lot of things that you can barely pronounce! All of them are bad, and guess  what?  Count yourself lucky if you don’t have  any of those things, because many people do; otherwise mass pharmaceuticals wouldn’t target them. All too often we focus on the inconsequential things that we lack. What  you don’t realize is, that there are many things that you’re lucky  not to have!   The world worships and lusts for the material, ignoring the fact that  those things are actually immaterial. In some way(even small) you must find comfort in the fact that you are free of disease, have all  your limbs, your sight, and most of  if not all of your mental faculties. Those things  are a blessing to me because, according to some doctors I stood to lose my mental faculties in some part, endure chronic pain, lose the ability to walk(but have my legs)  and lack creative ability. However, I am very much creative, walking, pain free, and as intelligent as ever, imagine that. I  can hardly comprehend how fortunate I am, and  likely neither can you. We are so unaware of our inherent privileges because we’ve always had them. My exposure to years of rehabilitation therapy has  not only shown me what I don’t have(or need to work on) but it has  also  highlighted what I  do have. While lamenting  the lack of use of my left hand(for now!)  while at therapy, I saw a girl who didn’t have a hand at all.  While some may rate my health as worse because of what happened to me, I feel quite the contrary.  Never, have I been as healthy, health conscious, or enjoyed working out so much! Had I  known before the accident what I know now, you’d never be able to get me away from the gym. Our bodies are  miraculous creations, and they can be pushed to new heights with our determination. Of course, it takes work and dedication, but it’s more than worth it. When you take care of your body well it will take care of you in ways you didn’t  imagine. We should love and show love to our bodies no matter  what the size. After this happened to me and I lost so much physical ability for a time, it  created a deep appreciation  within me for the things I   can(and am still able) to do. To neglect my body and it’s physical abilities would be a high crime. Therefore, everyday you wake up full and healthy don’t dare waste a minute of it! This life is a gift.

 walk in love,


Love is all you need

og3123201505152106318“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

-Ferdinand Foch.

Even though it’s been over 20 years  since  his death, John Lennon  speaking from the grave is still inarguably correct. Although it seems the obvious conclusion,many people still need reminding. It’s  apparent that with so much hurting in the  World, love is the solution. If only people  knew how much they were loved I suspect  you’d see many more happy and healthy people. This is also why  people preach of God’s(or “the universes”)love. Because,imagine if We were fulfilled in knowing that were deeply loved? I suspect that those empty places that each of us try to fill(some negatively) would cease to be a  problem. Instead of looking  outside ourselves or to other people, perhaps We need to turn our gaze inward and upward. To love and be loved is to  be fulfilled and contented. The world has made a mess of love, but ideally it’s unconditional love that should be  pursued. In order to show this kind of love, We first need to have been loved this way.  The  World  demonstrates that love is simply a  feeling or emotion. However, love is learned(a very intelligent  therapist told me this). If  your not shown or have experienced a healthy love, it’s more likely you will not know how to love others in a healthy way. This is  how the problems ensue. If we  are not given or shown love properly,  that leaves room for dysfunction to creep in. This cycle perpetuates as generation after generation  has  missed the mark. The world certainly has perfected what love is NOT(see here!) When you know your  truly and deeply loved, this carves out a rock solid foundation on which to build  the highest   of buildings. Without a solid foundation, the building will falter,as do We. When love fills in the gaps it allows us to reach our potential and soar. In order for this to happen, it seems the world and everyone in it needs to be rewired. This seems like an impossible and daunting task,except it isn’t.  A revolution never started out of nothing but with one determined person. You don’t need a like minded mob to create change(although it helps)it can begin with one!   If you are fulfilled with love, pay it  forward and help create a domino effect. A master painting doesn’t just   start out as a finished work,it begins with a single  small brush stroke. You can be that first brush stroke in a series leading up to a Mona Lisa!  There is no time like the present,and why wait  until tomorrow for what you can do today?

Carpe Diem


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