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Do   your circumstances limit you? Not only can your circumstances limit you physically, but sometimes also mentally. I had a worrisome thought recently that perhaps my circumstances had begun to limit me mentally.(free your mind here!)This I think is worse then being limited physically(although neither is  desirable)because We operate best when were dreaming. I have always been a dreamer and a schemer, which normally gave way to accomplishments in reality. I  had a moment of the “f word,”(fear)when I thought for a moment(i.e a day) that because my circumstances had limited me my thoughts were also becoming limited. I have seen perfectly capable people limit themselves solely in their thought  lives. Our thought life is just as important as our  physical health, because our thoughts  determine our realities. Often my dreams have given way to real life successes. For anyone to mentally limit themselves or not be told  about our limitless possibilities  is a scary thing.  It wasn’t until I spoke to a longtime  friend that my fears were quelled. She pointed out that I haven’t let my circumstances limit me. I felt quite limited and hopeless because of my circumstances at times. However, as time  has passed I’ve  learned how powerful your thoughts are in relation to your reality. If  a nagging little voice tells you that you can’t, it’s best to  reply  “I  CAN.” Because more then  likely that’s the truth. Once I made  it  a conscious  effort to negate these limiting thoughts, a door opened where I once found it to be closed. At that point I  did what I could do,  to accomplish what I wanted. Even if it seemed small or insigificant.  This has resulted in signing up for a 5k(when I can’t totally run) and raising  money online to accomplish a daydream. Neither of these things were presented to me as possible. In fact they were deemed to be impossible. If your not the rebellious type just once do something just because people(and sometimes yourself)  tell you that you can’t. Without throwing all caution  to the wind, once you accomplish said “impossible,” feat you’ll  realize just how fun  it is. If you like having fun(I’m guessing you do) this may send you headlong into doing all sorts of things your not supposed to be doing. In time, after you’ve gone against this little voice and the naysayers   you may just find your life has changed.

Cheers& no fears!


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