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Unlimited Miracles

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t either way, you are right.” -Henry Ford.

In a world ravaged by the pains  of “reality,” it’s easy to forget that miracles do happen. By all accounts and in reality, I very well should not be here(see here) or  find it difficult to communicate with you. However, I’ve defied the odds because of a miracle. It’s easy  for us to limit ourselves as well as miracles. What many people don’t  acknowledge is  our limitless possibilities as humans, it’s one of the most beautiful things about us. I used to think I had to make things happen, which in many ways I did. When  you take responsibility for your reality,monitor your thoughts,and actively choose to change it,good things manifest in your life. Just because  you cannot see it in the physical sense doesn’t mean it’s not there. Our lives begin in our mind. Therefore, don’t self identify  with your doubts, or put up with negative thoughts, they can be countered and they’re simply not you. It’s difficult at first to counter the  little voices that tell you, you can’t but after  some time it becomes easy(even fun to thwart them!)and with them out of the way it will allow your confidence to blossom. Our thoughts  can produce our reality. To quote the bible “You shall know them by their fruits.” We can be trees that blossom,multiply,and are  fruitful! Much of it begins in our minds. If the circumstances don’t agree with you, strive to actively change them. To  do this you will find yourself having to negate all those sentences that begin with but, I can’t, and don’t. The mind is a battlefield and often you can be your own worst enemy. Rather then comply, fight  the path of least resistance and go against the grain. This can become a chore but when you bear the fruits of  that labor, they will surely be sweet.  Too often We let  ”reality,” limit our miracles.  I’ve had to tell people  to stop being so realistic! The fact is, We create our own glass ceilings. Sometimes it’s us that create the limits or it can be others. One of many solutions would be to  either hangout with like minded people,ignore  the naysayers,or  address it(tactfully).  The best adventure stories are those that overcome the odds and  make their way  through a battle and claim the victory. I don’t believe that anybody held(or wrote?) a story about a heroine that always gave into doubts and fears in high esteem.  During this life write your own  epic adventure and certainly don’t be afraid of the battles.

May you win every war and cheers!


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Pick your poison.

6293413042b92f609a118362d020e099If I’m anxious and I  pinpoint where I lost my peace, that will usually expose the lie I believed. -Bill Johnson.

Our thought life is just as important to us as our physical world because thoughts can manifest into the physical. Throughout my recovery it has been  essential to  think as positive as possible(or sometimes not at all) I found that what I read,listened to,and believed in had a big affect on how I felt. I now avoid or simply don’t do the things that have proven to be toxic and bring me down. Many times I’ve had to block out the bad things people have said in order to continue with a hopeful and determined spirit. Whatever brings you down or dashes your hope is usually a lie. Sometimes you have to put on “earmuffs,” and continue on with what you know to be true. I’ve found that you simply have to ignore the snakes in your apple tree because they only serve to bring you down. There are many forms a snake can take. It could be your Doctor, a stranger,an article that focuses on the negative,internet forums(strangers) or  even a coworker.  I have learned the hard way to avoid using Google too much  or  especially any internet forums! As it turns out both will either  give you false information or seriously bring you down. The solution?  Simply immerse  yourself in what is light and steer clear of any darkness. My recovery has been a fight for my life in many ways so I choose to avoid what could bring me down. As  a general observation it seems the majority of the population will take from you(in the physical or spiritual) so stick by those that know how to give and lift you up. As I think We all know, life is  just too short to let someone(or something) steal your precious time with  doubt,worry,fear,or grudges. Going through life without  encountering these things is nearly impossible. However, it is possible to choose to not  let it effect  you. As it turns out when dealing with these things, getting angry actually helps. At some point when your sick of these things trying to bring you down, it’s time to fight back. Thwart those thoughts, keep good company, and by all means don’t” Google it.”  Oddly enough not everything that has power is physical, your words can pack a punch too. Speak  with words what you want to bring into existence. Were creative beings, therefore our words create our realities. This gives validity to the  belief that speaking to your plants will help them grow. We are just as organic and words can help us grow as well.  Rather then spitting poison darts  at others or even yourself, watch what you say, think,and take in from others because just as  these can build you up, they can also tear you down. We all need to learn how to speak life into ourselves, and each other. Because a positive force propels you upward not downward.   



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Let’s be Realistic


                “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”― Oscar Wilde. 

Let’s face it, “reality bites.” Why else would Winona Ryder star in a movie of the same title? Being realistic is great, but it can also  limit you. Imagination coupled with  ambition or chutzpah is far better. Granted  being realistic is good, I find a balance  between reality and imagination is far better. If I were realistic, I would’ve missed out on some of the best things in my life so far. Realists be damned, but taking a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams is far more rewarding then being  practical! Perhaps this makes more sense to the dreamers, but whatever you are too much “reality,” will limit you. Because, there’s nothing like reality to take the wind out of your sails. Over the years and even more so now I’ve culled an almost innate  ability to ignore the naysayers. The proof is in the pudding, because each time I took a risk that I was warned  about and it worked out this just  fueled me to take more. I suppose I’m very blessed that they worked out. However, aside from the supernatural I found that higher thinking also helped. You’d be surprised how much you can do when you put your mind to it and ignore your fears. Our brains are pliable nearly our entire lives(it’s called neuroplasticity) this means we can continually learn and shape ourselves. To take advantage of this try to think outside of  the box and don’t be afraid of the word “No,” or failure. Even if your on the bottom, you can only go up!  One of  the larger things I’ve noticed during my recovery, is how often I see perfectly capable people hold themselves back solely in their minds. A fact that has continually bothered me because I  have witnessed people with missing limbs not even be held back from running so to speak.Many people are blind to the fact that they have the world at their fingertips. If I could magically do one thing, I’d like to open their eyes to this reality of   having limitless possibility. Imagine how much farther you’d go if you heard or said “Yes,” more. Reality has a   way of trying to clip your wings if you let it, so don’t let it! Submerge yourself in the possible instead of impossible. Even making a  goal list, beginning with small things will help you gear up to  conquer the larger ones. It’s funny how beginning with “Do laundry today,” can lead into  get a motorcycle license. Because that goal  can be just as simple or mundane as doing laundry. A mountain is only as large as you see it being.

Cheers and have no fear!


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