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So you wanna be a Pin Up??

Well, ya…

I have always loved the style and when I discovered a class at one of my favorite bars taught by Bettina May  I HAD to go ! It was a fun day as expected. It ran from 12-6pm with a Happy Hour after !


@Beauty Bar NYC 

 Clothes and accessories were brought in by Meredith Peltz of Vintage Variety in New Jersey that you could rent or buy if you wanted something just for the photoshoot or to add on to what you already had. Hair was done by the lovely Monica Lopez.
We each received a handbook with all the tips and more that were given in class. Also besides what you were going to wear in your shoot we had to bring a small list of items as we were learning makeup and hair it’s best to use your own tools ! I didn’t have hot rollers but luckily those were provided if you didn’t bring (or forgot to bring) them. Bettina also sells a DVD version of the class if your not able to come in person or want a refresher. (I recommend the class!! SO FUN)
Once we were given the tips and instruction (aka live demo of makeup and hair) it was time to begin ! All the women there were so different and it was so fun meeting them all, seeing the transformation of everyone was even better! What a bunch of bombshells ! Not to mention there was even a mother daughter duo in attendance that rocked out a shoot together! I love seeing things like that, it made me want my Mommy too.. hahaha…
Once everyone was a blast from the past we each began our individual shoots and while waiting shopped, ate, and got to know each other, it was a unique group of women indeed, all enjoyable company. Once the class was finished the bar opened and cocktails and music (provided by Miss May) carried the days atmosphere into the night perfectly.
A video I found of another Beauty Bar class…..
Overall it was a great time and I’d gladly do it again, I made some wonderful contacts and got some pictures to prove to people when I’m old and grey I was once young… haha.
Also I have been obsessed with learning how to curl my hair to do all the hairstyles (Now that I finally know the secrets!) So I bought this set today from Conair .. I haven’t mastered it but today was the trial run and it went well considering I have…. shall we say…. limited hair skills, basically I’m lazy..but.. NO MORE ! Hey, if I can do it, you can do it. Cheers all you Ladies and Gents! Stay Beautiful. Stay Dapper.
P.s. An era appropriate video from a band I re-discovered and will be playing all beachy summer long. All you need is leather and hairspray. A cute boy ain’t bad either.
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What is Woman??

I should be sleeping. I’ve had a ridiculously long day at work but here I lay (yes I did make it half way to dreamland) contemplating the mysteries of the universeeee… erm- or more or less, What is it to be a Woman?

Tank Girl

Pin Ups with Sass

Now I am not an adolescent who has just hit puberty (nor did I ever care to become a “Woman”) but with all the images and messages sprayed all over our daily lives like so much graffiti, what the hell?? I mean, lets see…. there is Cosmo (My least favorite of all time) dishing out useful *cough* USELESS *cough* information.. at least in my opinion. Then there are the fashion mags, the everyday gossip smut, Victorias Secret ads… *Insert Marge Simpson groan here* etcetera etcetera… All have their own soap box on which to stand but which one do you subscribe to, if any?? Which ones do you identify with… more so believe? I fall somewhere in between, having spent years as a tomboy with a girl still intact then in my latter years drifting more towards “girl-ness” then ever ( I actually don’t have an all black, blue and grey wardrobe anymore !! Fancy that.) However I readily admit to suppressing it more at times because I didn’t want to, nor believe in the media portrayal and more often then not, the exploitation of women. I’m not a feminist per say but I do believe women have dropped the ball on this one…I mean you should at least make money off of your own exploitation rather then let pervy masterminds profit…. C’MON!! …. All joking aside.. I see and hear and read all about what a struggle it is to be a girl with all the shit floating around and your best bet is hopefully you were raised well and can decipher enough not to get shit on your shoe… if not.. then hope you find a good role model or public voice.. I think all that is wonderful but.. how about not just how to be this or that type of woman but be YOU. Its cliche to say, yes, yes, I know.. but maybe where we go wrong is not so much listening to the media but that the basic message of love has been lost in the shuffle.. people don’t like themselves, people had parents- or- perhaps no parent from which they properly were shown and taught (Love is learned, truth.) love. I don’t care so much about the steady stream of media crap coming thru the window as I do about the realization that to be a Woman, at least to me is to be.. myself…Because I’m finally starting to believe the compliments I receive(even the ones from my Mom). Not like I cared what people thought before but that was more rebellion and well.. I really didn’t care, but couple that with actual self love and Whammo !! Recipe for world take over Ladies !! If I wanna wear pink from head to toe, I’ll fucking well do it AND if I wanna wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle I’ll do that too… In fact, I’ll do whatever I want because that is ME and I am a Woman. Nothing a magazine or movie or advertisement can dream up will affect that. So maybe if we could help other little girls grow into themselves too the media onslaught that looms over our heads creating background noise will become just that- noise. Sex sells… but maybe if we demand more, self respect will sell more.

Cheers! Heres to you,

P.s. Here is a very funny article.. xojane