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Happy Saturday ! I just returned from a nice week of work (believe it!) I got to go to sunny California and catch up on my vitamin D intake.. it was a nice change of scenery, however the flight time I could do without … At any rate I did get some reading done. I wandered and wandered Laguardia Airport and I came across Pattie Smith’s Just Kids …. I never got into her as an artist but I have to say after reading this book I was impressed, it’s a sad and beautiful tale of two people that really loved each other *sigh*

Truth be told I cried at the end on the way back from California…on the plane in total obscurity among a sea of strangers. I can only hope to have such a love story with another human being, I really liked the fact that they fueled each others creativity in the best of times and more importantly worst of times. If you enjoy or adore any of the old NY artists and beat writers you MUST read this.

In other news… While in California I recalled a haunting dream that I haven’t been able to shake. My Mother always half joked that as I got older I would figure out all the things she screwed up.. well not too long ago I had a vivd dream, I was looking/watching myself as a child, perfect and untainted by the world and so full of potential. I got the overwhelming unspoken feeling/sense that this little girl could have anything and everything. I was smiling and laughing next to my Mother who was bent down lower to be near my plane of view. We were exceptionally happy there, next to one another. Then the dream was punctuated by a voice, not in my own voice either. All it communicated was a single sentence “Your Mother made you insecure.”

Since then I have been working out and filling in all the holes of where this has negatively effected me in life and it has pretty much everywhere, from my romantic choices or pursuits throughout the years right down to me wanting to go to Art School. It got me to thinking that I need to correct this, I have gotten better but that dream… Wow. This brings me to my point. There is a beauty company that makes great little products and in nicely designed packaging I discovered years ago, and upon investigating further found they donate proceeds to a local girls group in Colorado that helps girls come into their own at a young age. I never thought I needed that sort of thing but I realize maybe I did !!!

I am running a contest, I would like to hear your personal stories of or about a time of difficulty and how you overcame it. I think this could be of encouragement and help to others that read it. I will pick one story and the “chosen one” (haha) will receive a gift set from Love&Toast. (see below)

Until Next Time my Pretties ! Cheers !

P.s. Here is a lovely tune.


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