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“Set high standards and few limitations for yourself.”- Anthony J. D’Angelo

Don’t you dare set a glass ceiling for yourself! We were made to spread like seeds and for  the good things we desire to multiply in our lives. The World  is limitations based on shortages. As evidenced by the mass media’s favorite things to report on; shortages and lack. However, don’t fall into the trap of evaluating yourself based  upon what other people say or limitations you place on yourself. Also, don’t let circumstances  shape you and adjust your goals to them. Don’t stop aiming for the “big ticket,” because currently your bank account doesn’t reflect the cost of said  big ticket. Rather than  looking at what you don’t have, focus on what you do have!  We tend to look more at what there isn’t than what there is.  Here’s  a  short list that’s sure to garner an increase of  what you desire:

1) Be thankful a.k.a gratitude.

2) Use what you have.

3) Bless what you have.

  Did you know that as babies we only have two natural fears?  They are falling  or being dropped and loud noises. However, a study done   on  700 Adults showed that they shared a common number of fears,(about 7,000) and that somewhere between birth and adulthood we had acquired thousands of fears.   We were not born to harbor fear and worry, the two main culprits responsible for  setting limits. We’re afraid of the future, afraid of what others may think, and afraid to take risks.  Personally, my biggest accomplishments came when I ignored any limitations or what people said. I would bet once you do the same, the sky’s the limit! Dear readers do not be conformed to this world, there are no limitations,only the ones we allow to be set in our lives.

Limit who?


This is not the new me


Usually a makeover is for the better,however  sometimes people get “make unders.”    I received  what I’d call  a make under, that came in the form of a  massive stroke. In this version rather then  getting something  better, I  have  received something   terrible(i.e paralysis  and a loss of independence). Many people like therapists and doctors, like to allude to this kind of makeover  as being  my new form. However, just because  this is how it is right now, doesn’t mean  I  have to accept it. To accept bad circumstances, would be  a  form of  settling. In  India’s fight against the British Empire, Gandhi declared “They may have my dead body, but they will not have my obedience.” In the same way, the stroke may have nearly ruined my life, but it will not defeat my spirit  or  break my will. We  possess the capacity to evolve and improve, We are never truly stuck. You don’t have to   self identify with  the lesser. Just as an act of love can create a domino effect  for positive change,an act of self defeat can spiral into accepting less then We  can achieve. This isn’t to suggest that We should opt to be self serving and greedy(as many already are)but  instead to not settle for less then We are capable of.

I certainly  don’t declare  myself a cripple or identify as being disabled. Instead, I refute  these notions and labels, because you will receive what your expecting. Therefore, you should expect more for yourself in life. Many times We create our own limits. Your capable of so much more then your led to believe. Once you start paying attention to your self defeating thoughts or people’s statements, it’s important to negate them either  verbally or mentally if you have to. Instead of accepting the statement “You won’t or can’t. change that to “I will or I  can.” When you start paying attention to these things, you’ll find that people say(yourself included)these self defeating statements at an alarming rate. Little do  people realize that words have power. They have the ability to tear down or build up.  As well as the ability to bring into life a new creation. Be careful of the words that leave your mouth and enter your mind. “For out of the heart the mouth speaks.” What’s in your heart will manifest itself into reality. Since this is the case be sure to guard your heart!

Love with no limits,




Do   your circumstances limit you? Not only can your circumstances limit you physically, but sometimes also mentally. I had a worrisome thought recently that perhaps my circumstances had begun to limit me mentally.(free your mind here!)This I think is worse then being limited physically(although neither is  desirable)because We operate best when were dreaming. I have always been a dreamer and a schemer, which normally gave way to accomplishments in reality. I  had a moment of the “f word,”(fear)when I thought for a moment(i.e a day) that because my circumstances had limited me my thoughts were also becoming limited. I have seen perfectly capable people limit themselves solely in their thought  lives. Our thought life is just as important as our  physical health, because our thoughts  determine our realities. Often my dreams have given way to real life successes. For anyone to mentally limit themselves or not be told  about our limitless possibilities  is a scary thing.  It wasn’t until I spoke to a longtime  friend that my fears were quelled. She pointed out that I haven’t let my circumstances limit me. I felt quite limited and hopeless because of my circumstances at times. However, as time  has passed I’ve  learned how powerful your thoughts are in relation to your reality. If  a nagging little voice tells you that you can’t, it’s best to  reply  “I  CAN.” Because more then  likely that’s the truth. Once I made  it  a conscious  effort to negate these limiting thoughts, a door opened where I once found it to be closed. At that point I  did what I could do,  to accomplish what I wanted. Even if it seemed small or insigificant.  This has resulted in signing up for a 5k(when I can’t totally run) and raising  money online to accomplish a daydream. Neither of these things were presented to me as possible. In fact they were deemed to be impossible. If your not the rebellious type just once do something just because people(and sometimes yourself)  tell you that you can’t. Without throwing all caution  to the wind, once you accomplish said “impossible,” feat you’ll  realize just how fun  it is. If you like having fun(I’m guessing you do) this may send you headlong into doing all sorts of things your not supposed to be doing. In time, after you’ve gone against this little voice and the naysayers   you may just find your life has changed.

Cheers& no fears!


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Let’s be Realistic


                “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”― Oscar Wilde. 

Let’s face it, “reality bites.” Why else would Winona Ryder star in a movie of the same title? Being realistic is great, but it can also  limit you. Imagination coupled with  ambition or chutzpah is far better. Granted  being realistic is good, I find a balance  between reality and imagination is far better. If I were realistic, I would’ve missed out on some of the best things in my life so far. Realists be damned, but taking a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams is far more rewarding then being  practical! Perhaps this makes more sense to the dreamers, but whatever you are too much “reality,” will limit you. Because, there’s nothing like reality to take the wind out of your sails. Over the years and even more so now I’ve culled an almost innate  ability to ignore the naysayers. The proof is in the pudding, because each time I took a risk that I was warned  about and it worked out this just  fueled me to take more. I suppose I’m very blessed that they worked out. However, aside from the supernatural I found that higher thinking also helped. You’d be surprised how much you can do when you put your mind to it and ignore your fears. Our brains are pliable nearly our entire lives(it’s called neuroplasticity) this means we can continually learn and shape ourselves. To take advantage of this try to think outside of  the box and don’t be afraid of the word “No,” or failure. Even if your on the bottom, you can only go up!  One of  the larger things I’ve noticed during my recovery, is how often I see perfectly capable people hold themselves back solely in their minds. A fact that has continually bothered me because I  have witnessed people with missing limbs not even be held back from running so to speak.Many people are blind to the fact that they have the world at their fingertips. If I could magically do one thing, I’d like to open their eyes to this reality of   having limitless possibility. Imagine how much farther you’d go if you heard or said “Yes,” more. Reality has a   way of trying to clip your wings if you let it, so don’t let it! Submerge yourself in the possible instead of impossible. Even making a  goal list, beginning with small things will help you gear up to  conquer the larger ones. It’s funny how beginning with “Do laundry today,” can lead into  get a motorcycle license. Because that goal  can be just as simple or mundane as doing laundry. A mountain is only as large as you see it being.

Cheers and have no fear!


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