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New year, no fear.


“Don’t let your fear of what could happen, make nothing happen.” -unknown

   How likely  is it that  what you fear will come true?  It’s good to ask yourself these questions. Is this true? Is it  factual?  Do I know what the future holds? By asking yourself these questions, your  fear will soon  hold  little weight in your mind. Because, many of our fears have no real power and many aren’t steeped in reality. The likelihood that your fear will come true is slim to none.   In the movies that  you play in your mind are you the victim or the victor? Decide  to see yourself healthy, wealthy, and  victorious.Not to mention, you can control your fear, it doesn’t control you nor dictate your future. In 2016 we will have  365 days and 8,760 hours of time to fill as we choose, don’t let fear cause you to waste any of it! This new year signifies a fresh start  for all of us around the world. It holds new goals, new  possibilities, new opportunities, and new horizons!   Among these things, in the United States, many  set for themselves New Year’s resolutions. However,  many resolutions while they have strong beginnings eventually  taper off into the dust bin of forgotten.  So many people are pre-occupied with body image and health, they forget about  their mental health. Rather then resolve  to eat healthier, why not resolve to think healthier? Part of that is to shed the thoughts   and feelings preventing you from your full potential.   Not enough of us are told that we can set  our own limits, as well as  break them. One of the biggest  offenders is fear  and his sidekick doubt. These two combined have  paralyzed many ideas  in their  infancy as well as the people who originated them. Too often they plant the seeds of failure in your mind, that then bloom into invisible walls. It’s the fearless who  find ways over the walls and meet their dreams on the other side. What ever it is you’d like to do, or the goal that you wish to meet, you can achieve it. Choose to shed fear rather then pounds at the gym. Without the weight of it holding you down, you’ll be so light, that reaching the stars will  naturally become possible.

shoot for the moon!


if you're able.


“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

-Dalai Lama.

Do both of your hands function? I have often daydreamed about what I would do if both of mine did, because currently my left hand does not. I think I would take up knitting, complicated needle point, scrub  the entire floor with a tiny toothbrush, and finally  find every excuse to use my hands. When you have  an ability naturally,  it’s taken for granted. If only We all realized how amazing  having them truly is. We would all be  much more grateful, and  eager to use our abilities.  Also, it’s likely that We’d look for opportunities to be able to use them.  Many of these opportunities, would be in helping those that do not have the same abilities.  Being aware of these things now, I know  in  the  past  that I would’ve been much more charitable and helpful towards my fellow man. Just as John Lennon imagined an enlightened World so do I. However, my wish is that everyone would fully realize what a gift they have and share it amongst each other. If that happened, I imagine there would be no need for charity  or as many costly social programs. The level of people helping each other would dramatically  increase. Just imagine if We met each day as zealous as Scrooge  on Christmas morning. What kind of  dreams would be  realized if We were aware of  our innate abilities and gifts?  Even more so  if We  shared them, culminating into a  collective good that We all  benefitted from. There are times each of us  can recall  of not going out of our way to help someone. If We were aware of how incredible our abilities to function normally really are, very few things would be considered as “going out of the way.” Instead  helping others would just be a normal part of life.


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