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The finish line.


  “If you don’t have wings, create them.”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom.

Today, a new  record was quietly accomplished  in a corner of the globe rarely heard of. Three once unrelated strangers gathered in friendship, and one  amazing  personal journey was thrusted ever forward to the “finish line.”   While the rest of the world hummed along minding its own business, I was excitedly(and happily) checking  one more daydream off my to do list.  Just like most personal goals it was of little importance to everyone else, except in this particular case I  was accompanied by others that understood  the importance of such a day. Many of us are skilled at rationalizing our way out of doing something. When in truth, we need to be rationalizing our way into more things! There is no reason you cannot accomplish what you dream of. As they say, where there’s a will there is a way.  By working through seemingly insurmountable circumstances with gritted teeth and a rock solid resolve, I have found that to be absolutely true. You see, what we aren’t told enough growing up is that we can do anything.  Be weary of those who tell you  any different. Ultimately, the people that believe in you as much as you believe in yourself, will walk right alongside you during the race. 

                                                                    above: My  two pillars of  support during the race  Early on(when I was injured) there were questions of my ability to walk well again if at all, and much less  trek a mile! However, with tremendous support and blessings I’ve done just that  twice now. Both times  were events that originally had been dreamed up in my mind.image

         above girl in tutu:Tropicolor, color run. the happiest 5k on the planet!


Even  if I completed each goal slowly, the point was to complete it at all and soak up the fact that dreams do(and can) come true. Especially when you put your best foot forward and your mind to it. Therefore, be careful of what you tell yourself and who you listen to. Because, whatever words are spoken get eaten up by our heart. Certainly, your heart deserves only the best things that life has to offer, so don’t let it consume words that  will harm it!  Find wind  to carry you where there is none, and fly high even when others want you to stay low.



The Haunting


Every year right near my birthday I’m  greeted with hearts and proclamations of romantic love. Usually I’m  not only close to celebrating my birthday  but also  somehow always single. Needless to say, over the years I have  built up an emotion resembling contempt for this  hallmark holiday. However, this year even when stumbling upon a small collection of love notes(below) from an ex, I could find no ill will in my heart.The ghosts of Valentines past didn’t succeed in upsetting me.

wpid-20150125_155609.jpg Normally I would toss these  sentiments away along with any reminders, gifts, any associated music files, their phone number, and pictures. Except this time I chose to not only keep them but I  also  read them over and remembered the sweet times. You may ask me“Why Grinch of Valentines Day would you do such a thing!?”  My  reply would perhaps  be confusing for you fellow Grinch’s but nevertheless  maybe my heart grew two sizes( and my brain) so  as a result I felt  no contempt.While the who’s ran around throwing  their heart confetti everywhere and chattering about upcoming dates I had a date with reality. The  truth is no matter what your  status is this holiday,  it really doesn’t matter as long as your happy even if it’s with yourself. Although these things would normally make me sad, I’m simply not because I no longer waste  my time being forlorn over someone that was too daft to recognize my beauty. You most definitely shouldn’t either!The world’s population stood at 7.125 billion people in 2013.Don’t you think at least one of those humans might just fit your puzzle piece? That being said, clearly there is no shortage of available suitors. Now my dear friend it’s just a matter of serendipity. Having this knowledge has  helped me to completely avoid any forlorn nonsense. Because life   can be navigated on a Vespa motorcycle  fitted for one too! Some moments have been devised solely for your consumption.If your ever feeling  really blue  during this very pink holiday, just  seek out the nearest couple arguing in public, which is guaranteed to help you feel better( works for me) because your not the one  making a  spectacle of yourself. If you choose not to spend your time toiling away on anti-valentines day  cards this year at least go on a date ( with a bestie) and enjoy  some time well spent. Furthermore rather then looking for love outside of yourself try turning your gaze inward. You  have  nothing to lose and a  world to  gain when you learn to truly(finally) love yourself.

                                           This ones for you:




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Graffiti in the Temple


“Life is a blank canvas and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” -Danny
If the Bible says to keep your body clean as a temple then I suppose I’m in trouble.Usually I write about more serious or inspiring subjects.However as the holidays get thrust upon us and lurch ever closer,just like recess why not have some relaxing fun!?
Over the years,whenever I had to do a historical report or speech I would choose the subject of tattooing(sometimes vegetarianism) because I found that a once taboo art form reserved for Sailors and Prisoners was interesting.Also not to mention it can be pretty if done right.

tumblr_mskeu6acQU1r5cuu2o1_500Photo:Torrie Blake on Tumblr) Her leg piece!

I fully plan to get yet another(#8) to mark the experience of nearly dying and surviving to

begin a recovery with a flowing phoenix surrounded by peach and robins egg blue flowers.What’s more, thanks to the mention from a friend I plan on earning the money for it myself doing a small humble(but paid!) job.It may take awhile but it will only make it even more meaningful.Because,I wasn’t expected to live much less work a job! If our bodies are temples then you can call me a graffiti artist.

Unknown-3Photo: art by Banksy)

In closing,dear readers don’t be afraid to express yourself! Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

Be you Be beautiful,