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Whoa oh, ho, it's Monday!

*blogged after a lazy Saturday and a grilled hamburger*
Yet again it’s Monday you know. Perhaps it’s not exactly magic to you  but it  certainly  can be! Therefore, to help ease you into this week here’s a list of  seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
1)Broadway Plays!

My oh my, are good plays overly expensive. However, sometimes it’s totally worth it. I was having a major hankering for some artistic fulfillment so I  made the splurge this time. It’s even better when you can share it with  someone you love. Therefore, I’m also taking a lovely little cousin to Her first play. You can never start em’ too young. Not to mention it’s   the best way to spend two hours of your life, rather then on Facebook people.
2) The Henry Norman  Hotel Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

This place puts the H in hip, with it’s amazing location and loft style living rooms. They have a curated mini bar full of locally produced goods, and some stellar doormen  that make you feel fancy. Not to mention the  sleek  cars they will freely chauffeur you in around Brooklyn. I can’t say enough lovely things about how great this place is. So, if your holiday destination is in New York  City,  stay here and live like a local not a tourist!
3) Hard Root Beer

Pictured: Not your Father’s  hard root beer, and Coney Island hard root beer. I have not been into anything with the label hard on it since sneaking ” beverages,” into  my underage slumber parties. I also, didn’t realize that root beer, which is already good  could be greatly improved upon with the addition of alcohol and a nifty label.
4) Pleasant Ebay Transactions – the money and the people who part with it-
It’s not often you have sweet interactions with complete strangers on the internet(unless you’re being a creeper) usually  never making face to face contact with someone is  impersonal, but sometimes you get surprised. I’ve been  a highly rated seller(bragging rights) on Ebay for quite sometime and I still get surprised. To  give you an idea, here are some of my favorites. Recently a  Husband purchased an anniversary  gift for his Wife from me, and We discussed when to ship it so it could be  a surprise for Her. Another,  was  with a kind young Lady that was enthusiastic and interested in my item, and as a follow up happily let me know how much She liked it upon receipt. You just don’t get those kinds of interactions  everyday as a seller, and I love when I do!
5) Coffee Wars!?
For a time I  boycotted the billionaire beans peddler Starbucks in favor of local small  coffee shops. Many of us already know it’s over rated but even so, I still get surprised when I find good coffee for under  $3.00.  One such case recently was our Canadian friends Tim Horton’s. Even though I’ve consumed enough Starbucks to be a card carrying gold member(oh how I’ve turned from my ways!) I still try to support smaller businesses as much as possible. Besides, I’m only a gold member for the benefits!
6) Childhood Memories
Many of you have positive memories of your youth(I hope) but nothing  tears at your emotions quite like visiting places  from your younger self. Recently I had the pleasure(and displeasure) of standing mere feet away from my favorite childhood destination, the prehistoric forest. As I imagined myself getting smaller  I could see the now abandoned(tears) park coming back to life. This was the place that held so many childhood memories for me, and all I wanted to do was go back!
7) Mother’s Day everyday
If you’re in the U.S, I presume that since yesterday you have hugged, kissed, and even given your Mommy a present.  It’s probably good for your bank account this doesn’t happen everyday. However, your Mother  is still your Mom everyday! Therefore, if you can’t afford to buy Her things all the time, at least show some appreciation kids.
Last but not least, the drink! A chocolate margarita, find the recipe here.

Merry marimekko

              “Fashion should be stylish and fun.”- Twiggy.

  This Easter is going to be the best yet.I’m not talking  about the candy either, but the fashion! Since I’m  a well established “shopaholic,” not  many things evade my radar. I also find that I’m normally one step ahead of the trends(hate  that sometimes) so of course I’m all over this new collaboration that Target is doing with Marimekko. The Finnish design store has been one of my favorites for awhile. Even better one very cool visionary woman began it all, see that here. They are so reminiscent of the swinging 60’s and I love that style scene. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Target is sidling up to this brand and right into my mod loving heart. Since shopping at Marimekko will nearly bankrupt you, this is a welcome and affordable  opportunity! I’m sure it will sell out. So, don’t sit too long on this one or you’ll be finding it on Ebay for triple the price. I don’t know about you, but I’m so getting that flowered dress. The line will be  available in stores and online  April 17th check it out below!

So, there you go now don’t trample anyone on your way to the store!
hoppy shopping!



“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

-Bill Gates.

You can’t wait for other people to step up and be nicer than you. Why not just  take it upon yourself to  be a good person? As a long time buyer and seller on Ebay I’ve noticed some people won’t give you feedback until you give them a review.  If everyone on Ebay did this no one would have  any feedback! This apparent practice by some people exposes a selfishness among the community and people in general. If We all  waited on another person to be more kind then We are, all of us would be at some sort of stand still.    The majority of people are not all  that nice, although they have the capacity to be. Not everyone will go out of their way for you. Therefore, why not let yourself be the  one to make the first move, even if  others choose to stand still. The mob mentality is a very real thing, if  none of us broke from the crowd, nothing would progress or change. Throughout my recovery it has been the good samaritans or those willing to  take notice of others needs around them, that have helped me the most.Simply put, things would cease to function if no one was willing to  step out and

have a  less self centered perspective. Or if We only helped others because they helped us. Likewise if We only gave to receive. You aren’t always going to get something in return and that’s okay. The satisfaction We feel from giving becomes marred, if We only do it expecting something in return. The spirit of giving is one of love and selflessness. If our motivation is to get something back for it, We simply turn it into a meaningless exchange, like buying   goods from a  store. The  World needs more people that are willing to step out from the crowd, even if it makes them feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. Usually if something creates discomfort in you, then that’s a good sign that you’re on the right track. Because comfort zones rarely breed progress or large successes.

Cheers and get more uncomfortable!


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Everyday is Like Ebay.


“There’s alot of nice people in the world, be one of them.” – unknown

Just as a fortune cookie is  unpredictable  so is the world of online  bidding.

In a more recent interaction I saw  the glaring differences in the interactions you can have.

Interaction A) via stateside…

A girl takes a screenshot of my auction and posts it on her Facebook because I unknowingly used her picture.

Many messages of harassment and nastiness ensue from her and her friends.

It ends in me contacting ebay over the harassment and eventually pulling the auction.

Interaction B) via our neighbors from across “the pond.”

A girl simply retracts her bid after I ask her  to because shipping is too costly as I guessed it would be.

It ends in a resolution for both parties  and myself feeling like just shipping her the item for free 

Did I? Unfortunately I couldn’t because there was another bidder, otherwise I would have loved to.

The  gap  between these two interactions is wide.

One exchange left me feeling like giving out hugs, the other slugs.

The  reason is simple, whether it be in person or online the way you treat someone reflects you  and determines the results you’ll receive.

This is obvious as it’s something most Mothers and Sunday schools tell you.

However, even so rarely do I see that difference  in interactions so close together.

They were nearly back to back!

One girl had me highly frustrated while the other made me just want to give her the$150.00 Spirithood( the auction at hand)

Although it should be obvious to treat people well, for some it isn’t.

I’m adverse to being identified as a hippie, but on this theology I can agree.

Because of the difference in attitudes of  these two ladies it caused me to see the differences and thus inspired me to write about it.

This micro event can easily reflect the bigger picture, which is: “you get what you give.”

  There is no reason to spread darkness, only light, even if your having a bad time.

Be kind to others as you don’t know the battle they’re fighting.”  -unknown

The reason this seemingly meaningless interaction meant so much was because  I was having a bad time, a very bad time making kindness all the more meaningful, even thru a computed message.



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This title is optional.

WHOA ! Its been a long time ! I’m writing to you all from a purple couch with a snoring kitty (tiny little snores) smooshed up next to my leg. So much has happened, I atteneded PAX East (a nerd convention) in Boston Massachusetts, decided to reform my previous shop-o-holic ways .. I’m selling my life on ebay—see it here  ——>  Out with the old, In with the new, and I also attended a screening of James Franco’s The Broken Tower… which as far as I knew was a new film but in researching it more today I think perhaps it was new in 2011 but this was his official East Coast Debut?? Anyhow.. it was held at the IFC Center in NYC and he introduced the film before hand.. I was indeed about 5 ft away from him.. he looked high.. cute but still high. It was not a bad film but more interesting mostly because the way it was shot was nice and the storyline (Franco’s interpretation of a poet’s life Hart Crane) wasn’t bad either, I mostly liked the few comedic moments involving him working at a NYC ad agency the best.. otherwise it was on the slow side (as Franco pre-warned us) and I don’t think it was bad or good, just.. interesting. Perhaps you can check it out for yourself (=


I think the most interesting thing of all is that Franco Directed and Acted in it, which are two completely different modes of thinking and working, I imagine it difficult to separate the two?? A gallant effort indeed and I applaud anyone ambitious enough to do things above and beyond most people, whether good or bad, its admirable.  In other news I will be dusting off the Vespa from its long winter slumber. Any suggestions for names? I have yet to name it… maybe this year will be the year… I used to name my cars so why not other modes of transportation as well??

This year also I am embarking on the task of trying to get my very own apartment *dun*dun*dun* 


I really really hope I find a place. I have been extremely lucky/blessed so far in NYC, the last thing besides pursuing my daydreams more is to establish my own space. Granted roommates make it more affordable and if I must I must BUT wouldn’t it be nice to have a little spot in the sun to call my own?? I can’t deal with anymore jerks ! I deserve much much better then to feel like a guest in my own home. (sorry to vent, I’d rather not talk about it! On to bigger and better things..)

A pet would be nice too… Any pet suggestions???  Hedgehog?? Baby Goat?? Kitty? I would say dog but I am simply not home enough and they are expensive!!

Tomorrow is the Brooklyn Flea, I’ll put something more comprehensive up soon for your reading pleasure.. Have a lovely weekend Ladies and Gents !!

Cheers !


P.s. Here is a song and dance for ya’ !! Good Bad, Not Evil. The best kind.