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Keep your coins, I want change.

I can’t take credit for this title, its ripped off of a Banksy piece. I’m not one to risk future copyright infringement, although… in the case of Banksy it wouldn’t matter, that is part of his art or manifesto or artist statement/idea….so ya. Anyway the whole point of this article is exactly what the title says: Change.

I just started to read a book my best friend bought me years ago called Stumbling on Happiness, basically the psychology of humans in relation to happiness. What you think will make you happy and what actually does. I’m excited to read it because I know it will be good (Ashley you are a girl of great taste), I always enjoy a new spin/perspective and well… I want to do something scary. Real scary. At least for me. You know that ever important thing that most people need in some facet?… (no not $$money$$ but it can relate to it..) …. SECURITY.

A secure job. A secure place to live. A retirement?? etcetera etcetera… well I value it a lot, I hate feeling on edge not knowing where or how I’m going to make it next month, or next week, or even tomorrow. -BUT- you know what? Its also motivating, I hussled the most when I had no security because I wanted to get it. In a way, the lack of security was a challenge, it made me more productive. Now that I have it, I feel I’ve moved back into a bedroom in the procrastination palace. I loathe the very thing that provides all this “security”… i..e. A “normal” job. Most days its okay but ugh… I just wanna go back to school for something fun, or travel all over the world, or you know.. be my own boss. The idea is grand, actually doing it—- SCARY, because there is little security in it (at least until your successful….IF you are) and your taking a risk. Now I am not entirely risk averse, in fact, I have taken many risks (some smart, some not so smart) in life but one I have not taken much of is that of the working kind. I chose the safe reliable degree.

Although for the same reasons girls always pick the bad guys (according to popular belief and my own observation of the female species) … well.. safe and reliable=boring. Now unlike the lesson in which you learn after dating one too many assholes, (at least hopefully you are one of the fortunate who realize it and pick a good guy finally) safe and reliable=fantastic ! ladies. Well they can still be edgy just reliable in the fact that they reliably do not treat you like shit !… wait this isn’t a dating post, argh! ) Anyway…with work safe and reliable is for me at least…..boring. I do something different everyday but its just not entirely my passion. Mostly it not being my passion is the problem… *sighhhhh*

What is?? Good question, I like making shit. I like helping people. I love travel. What should I do with the rest of my life??!!! This is exactly why I just went with the safe degree b/c I changed my mind so often I would have been broke and in school forever had I not… but… it gnaws at me still. Little by little, like a caterpillar taking tiny bites out of a big leaf… I cannot be practical forever, there is much of me that is completely impractical ! hahaha… I want to follow my passion, I want to be my own boss.

Sooooo… what is the plan? The solution?? Well first off, get out of debt. Secondly, think about school… Thirdly, I want my own place dammit. Living alone might be lonely or boring but I feel it would be alright, after all, having a pet exists for a reason. (Adopt !!) Also… I’m going to start up my Etsy again and get business cards once I get the finances in order. Think about it: Less shoes and meaningless material belongings.. more life experiences and freedom !! (Credit cards are slavery disguised as fancy sugar daddies, or mamas (if your a boy) )

SO I invite you along with me to journey towards no debt and dream achieving instead of just dreaming. Life is so short and fast. You need love and to give love as much as possible and to dwell in what you find beautiful and fulfilling. I always attempt to do that but modern day society is great at side tracking you from it with a lot of needless junk (material and otherwise) ….I just want some more freedom.

I know half the fun is in the journey not the destination but, geezus, I want it NOW!!! I hate waiting sometimes.. its torture when you want something badly. Looks like I have a lot of work to do, now… where is that EASY button????

For now… I will use my practical job to fund the daydreaming impractical pursuit.. so Cheers! to all you space cadets, I’ll meet you on Mars.

If any of you have stories, advice and or opinion please share !

P.s. I’m sorry if this makes you annoyed or lose your cookies..but.. I am actually bursting with happiness about a lot of things, life is good overall, who am I to complain?? Well, anyway, I think finally after years of kissing disgusting frogs I finally found a prince. Please watch the clip below.


Ya, so there’s that. (=

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