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07-09-2011 Tracey

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” -Les Brown.

Just as the ebb and flow of a river is changed when a large boulder is dropped into it, so are our lives when we encounter the large impact of another human being.  Ever since the ebb and flow of my life was radically impacted I’ve been contemplating the effects  that other people have on the course of our lives.  Are we  predestined as if by fate and have everything chosen for us? -or- are we but an energetic pinball bouncing off of different circumstances in an infinite universe? Perhaps it is a combination of the two. However, neither of these take into account the random impact that  others can have on us. Some people will change your direction while others help spur us forward, and yet some will stop us in our tracks. While the impact from each of these is different they are all  equally helpful. Why?  Because,  each one has brought you to where you are now  or taught you a lesson in some way. Some of these human boulders are extremely helpful while others feel extremely unhelpful(at least at the time) but  each one can teach us  a valuable lesson. Besides the rivers of life being changed due to a boulder, we can also become stuck as if a dam was built to stop us. How does one get around a dam when it happens? Simple, you must find a way to open it and let the river flow again.  Even rivers start with  a small drip(headwaters) until they form a puddle which  will begin to run down a slope in a trickle and eventually  become a  river. Although  very small, this is where it all begins.  Nature itself has  shown us that big  things can originate from just  a small  action. As with a river even if you’re going downhill, by beginning with a small (positive)action that accumulates into many, you too can become a mighty rushing river!

keep dripping!


The Inquisition.


“Isn’t it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity.”- Vaclav Havel.

When a horrendous situation is thrust upon us, we often lament “Why me!?” However, a  better question is “Why not me?’ Terrible things happen every day  to guilty and innocent  people alike.  Each of us at birth were not promised a problem free life. In fact quite the opposite as our new Parents worried increasingly as we grew up. Because, at that moment  they knew what we didn’t; that life is difficult  and dangerous. Therefore, they sought to protect us as best as they could without confining  us solely  to the house. It’s not a question  of why did it happen,  but since it has how will you react to it? What will you do under the circumstances?  Will this reveal your character or diminish it?  Some people believe in fate, that our lives have been pre-orchestrated for us. This is not so, life is a series of choices no matter how small. The choices we make continuously throughout life culminate into our circumstance. When those choices are taken away and we find ourselves in a bad circumstance, we still have choices.  When bad things happen it’s easy to give in, but ultimately at some point  we must choose to get out.  You can  take steps no matter  how small(mentally or physically) to escape your bad circumstance.  When I first was injured the last thing I wanted to do was get out of my warm comfortable bed  for therapy or a painfully early doctor appointment. Except I pushed through and did it anyway. At that point I had no choice but to get better, because I was starting from the lowest point reached in my life . Each day you make the choice to get better your adding  to the  bank of your future and making it brighter. Your seemingly small action is priceless and will culminate into better days ahead. So, have heart brave soldier and carry on. I promise you won’t regret it!

keep on keepin’ on!


Pieces of me.


“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

― Roman Payne.

I am not the sole creator or proprietor of my own life. For example, my Mother  gave me a creative  nature, my Father a strong work ethic, friends helped me learn some life lessons along the way, and my intelligence was(is) God given. Therefore, I am not merely one thing, but many pieces that create a whole. However, I am certainly responsible for which direction I head in, but I cannot take all the credit. It’s actually difficult to pick one singular direction because life offers so many. It’s as if we’re perpetually at a  five way street crossing, or fork in the road. This is compounded by the fact that we have so many different parts to us. This is what happens when you exist in a world  that contains many different outside influences. It is neither small nor  closed off, but in fact it is endless! Since we are made up of so many aspects, why then,  do we only live for ourselves?  To be selfless over selfish is more rewarding and beneficial. It has even been shown in nature, that the most selfish creatures are less likely to survive. Apparently this didn’t cross over too much into human existence, or so it seems. However, if you  pay attention it absolutely did! People and societies that exhibit high levels of selfishness, often don’t do as well, and are least liked. On a  large scale  it would make sense if the world were more  giving(and forgiving) but even more so on a personal level we need to be more giving(and forgiving) to one another. After all, it has to start somewhere. Not to mention, each large and obvious movement(be it physical or societal) begins as a small quiet seemingly invisible  action. A sweep of your arm is first triggered by tiny signals  in the neurons of your brain. What you eventually see and feel  physically, starts out somewhere unseen. The same  applies to social movements, dreams, and hopes that you have for the future.Therefore, go forward with confidence and be the change that you want to see in the world and in your own life.



future feature


“You can never plan the future by the past.” -Edmund Burke.

It’s no secret  that psychics, fortune tellers, and tarot card readers  are a sham and this is why I believe that. Because, as humans We have a mystical tool that allows us to shape our  futures, a little thing  called choices. However, many things occur to us that We did not choose, but even so you can still choose your perspective. Even when  circumstances seem particularly bleak, you can choose to see the glass half full. If We could actually see  the future, surely it  would change or improve upon the decisions We  do make. Therefore, many people seek out  someone(or something) to help guide them on the  path towards and through  this unknown future landscape. Our need to know or control   all  aspects of our lives  brings in  the worrying thoughts, repetitive condemnations, questions, and  fear. All this  can culminate  into a visit to a  psychic. However, they  are no more knowledgeable about the future than you are. This is comforting, because not  knowing the future, means that anything is possible! Certainly  knowing the future would have  reassured my Parents when I was in the ICU of a hospital. Because there was no way at that present moment they could see this from where they sat    inside my hospital room.

Photos: left, in ICU and right, in California 2 years later.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.38.46 PM10665184_10152990072010101_8416373859303797132_n

Even the Doctors, whom so closely monitored me  at the time did not predict this. As  you can see, the future is unpredictable by most if not all. This is good news, because it indicates that the future can radically change. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Sometimes, you just have to let go, as much as you want to hang on. In letting go of absolute control, you allow peace to enter and  can more readily enjoy the ride. It’s when I let go   that  I was able to let myself be surprised. If you can   negate   our human  need to have control, you may  just find  some contentment, and peace of mind. In no way am I suggesting you fall like a leaf into the wind. Just that by releasing some of the burdens of  striving it  will allow  more life to happen to you, rather than you happening to it. In  doing so, you’ll be headed to your goal with less strife. Not to mention, if life was  predictable it would be lackluster and unchallenging. It is in our challenges, that We find what were truly made of, and  surprise ourselves. It’s in the unscripted pages of time that We find  the many paths available to us. Be sure to tune into that small  still voice inside, and follow the path  that brings you life!

embrace the  possibilities,