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Whoa oh, ho, it's Monday!

*blogged after a lazy Saturday and a grilled hamburger*
Yet again it’s Monday you know. Perhaps it’s not exactly magic to you  but it  certainly  can be! Therefore, to help ease you into this week here’s a list of  seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
1)Broadway Plays!

My oh my, are good plays overly expensive. However, sometimes it’s totally worth it. I was having a major hankering for some artistic fulfillment so I  made the splurge this time. It’s even better when you can share it with  someone you love. Therefore, I’m also taking a lovely little cousin to Her first play. You can never start em’ too young. Not to mention it’s   the best way to spend two hours of your life, rather then on Facebook people.
2) The Henry Norman  Hotel Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

This place puts the H in hip, with it’s amazing location and loft style living rooms. They have a curated mini bar full of locally produced goods, and some stellar doormen  that make you feel fancy. Not to mention the  sleek  cars they will freely chauffeur you in around Brooklyn. I can’t say enough lovely things about how great this place is. So, if your holiday destination is in New York  City,  stay here and live like a local not a tourist!
3) Hard Root Beer

Pictured: Not your Father’s  hard root beer, and Coney Island hard root beer. I have not been into anything with the label hard on it since sneaking ” beverages,” into  my underage slumber parties. I also, didn’t realize that root beer, which is already good  could be greatly improved upon with the addition of alcohol and a nifty label.
4) Pleasant Ebay Transactions – the money and the people who part with it-
It’s not often you have sweet interactions with complete strangers on the internet(unless you’re being a creeper) usually  never making face to face contact with someone is  impersonal, but sometimes you get surprised. I’ve been  a highly rated seller(bragging rights) on Ebay for quite sometime and I still get surprised. To  give you an idea, here are some of my favorites. Recently a  Husband purchased an anniversary  gift for his Wife from me, and We discussed when to ship it so it could be  a surprise for Her. Another,  was  with a kind young Lady that was enthusiastic and interested in my item, and as a follow up happily let me know how much She liked it upon receipt. You just don’t get those kinds of interactions  everyday as a seller, and I love when I do!
5) Coffee Wars!?
For a time I  boycotted the billionaire beans peddler Starbucks in favor of local small  coffee shops. Many of us already know it’s over rated but even so, I still get surprised when I find good coffee for under  $3.00.  One such case recently was our Canadian friends Tim Horton’s. Even though I’ve consumed enough Starbucks to be a card carrying gold member(oh how I’ve turned from my ways!) I still try to support smaller businesses as much as possible. Besides, I’m only a gold member for the benefits!
6) Childhood Memories
Many of you have positive memories of your youth(I hope) but nothing  tears at your emotions quite like visiting places  from your younger self. Recently I had the pleasure(and displeasure) of standing mere feet away from my favorite childhood destination, the prehistoric forest. As I imagined myself getting smaller  I could see the now abandoned(tears) park coming back to life. This was the place that held so many childhood memories for me, and all I wanted to do was go back!
7) Mother’s Day everyday
If you’re in the U.S, I presume that since yesterday you have hugged, kissed, and even given your Mommy a present.  It’s probably good for your bank account this doesn’t happen everyday. However, your Mother  is still your Mom everyday! Therefore, if you can’t afford to buy Her things all the time, at least show some appreciation kids.
Last but not least, the drink! A chocolate margarita, find the recipe here.

Margarita Monday


To celebrate this weeks version of a “New Year,’ aka Mondayi n style Here is a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day of the week! You may have had some cocktails at brunch yesterday but, please  treat yourself to another. Another cocktail is never too much!

#1) Attila Marcel.


I had the pleasure of taking in this film at a indie film fest. I have always loved the whimsical  French film Amelie, but this one is a very strong contender to top it!

This film is also whimsical but with a male character. Also replace the  love interest that collects photos with a quirky neighbor that provides drug trips to unearth lost memories.

#2) MOMA cloud umbrella


Staying dry in rainy New York(or anywhere)weather just became a whole lot brighter(and fun) this umbrella looks like all business from the outside, until you look up! With this  little secret other people’s rainy days will be your blue sky affairs. Since I tend to collect groups of items that strike my fancy, this one is on my list “add to unique umbrella collection.” Perhaps it should be on yours too. Find it here.

#3) Premade eggless cookie dough


Just when we all thought that Ben & Jerry’s had  post breakup food on lock down now comes this! I’ve tried it during a Netflix and chill day, and let me tell you the next time I get dumped, and choose to wallow in sweets this will be in my shopping cart.

#4) Tumeric, curry, Indian food and the future!


On second thought, nothing releases frustration like eating better and frequenting a gym, so skip the cookie dough in favor of delicious Indian food. Why? Because not only is it  tasty, but very healthy. Why? There are numerous studies showing the benefits of consuming curry and thereby tumeric which contains curcumin. Not only does this wonder  food help treat but also prevent things like alzheimers, dementia, and even some cancers. Thanks to the great American diet lots of people are losing their minds in old age. However, Indians that eat a lot of curry(curcumin) don’t! So make like a Easterner and eat curry.

#5) Mommy and me happy hour


There’s nothing wrong with having some milk while Mom has a margarita people. This is what happens when hipsters grow up and create their own tiny humans. There are many bars in and around New York that won’t raise their eyebrows if you walk in with a  stroller. Here’s a list of them!

#6) Steripods


As Mike Rowe of  Dirty Jobs fame demonstrated, bathrooms are not a safe place for your toothbrush. Think floating bacteria ejected from your open toilet.. gross that’s what  I said. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to invest(a whole $5.00) in a sterilizing cover for your bristles. Knowing your not sticking a bacteria laced toothbrush in your mouth will help you sleep better, and wake up fresher in the morning. You can find your own steripods here.

#7)  Music!


A  good tune is always a welcome addition to any day, and lately I’ve had this  good tune(and confidence  laden lyrics) going through my head. Not to mention, as you’ll see in   Her music video, Paloma Faith has some great style and a good voice!

Last but not least cheers!  Hibiscus tea margarita. Find the recipe here.


have a great week!


Love is all You Need


                                 “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

― John Lennon.

Through what has been a harrowing  journey, I think  one of the many bigger  things I have  learned is that  if you have a choice, when you choose love you can’t lose.

As you probably already know, we are all  connected like  the synapses of our brains, paper chain dolls, and even the cosmos. Much like them we too, shine on.

I rarely like to ask for things, but plainly put,(Donate button on the right please) I need your help fellow humans.

This request stems from  my journey in learning how to walk again  from being  half paralyzed.Early on in rehab, I used to pretend I was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge(not an indoor track  rife with grandmas and grandpas)for motivation. However as I have gotten better, regained my balance, and amped up my determination I want to make this daydream a reality. Because  when things are bad you can push through them to the  other side. As a demonstration of this I want to walk all 1.1 miles of the bridge with friends and family to celebrate life, raise  stroke awareness,and inspire others to cross their own bridges in life My hope is to do it in the Fall, but if funds won’t allow it will have to  wait.Thus, if you will  each raise up your hands, I could crowd surf safely across them to  the stage.




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Flower Power.

Happy Weekend ! Well I hope you all had a happy one (= This weekend the weather was lovely save for a bit of cold Saturday but thats okay.. Today made up for it. I was lucky enough to have a stellar weekend with the beau. Since its springtime I have caught spring fever and my usual black clad self actually went the flower route…  Naomi from Hello Beautiful Salon fixed me right up.. I met her years ago on a visit to Brooklyn and was fortunate enough to find she still works out of HB sometimes, appointments have to be booked a month in advance however because since I last met her she has blown up and does nails for the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love (!?!?) Topshop Makeup and various publications… needless to say I stumbled upon a nail genius ha. The inspiration for these were Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and spring..of course.

Magnolia Bakery Orange Chocolate Cupcake.

My weekend was filled with good eats, good friends and good weather. I couldn’t ask for more !! Besides springing up my nails I recently restocked my parfume supply with Daisy… Anyone ever try it ?? Its much lighter and less spicy then I usually go but its… nice and clean.. not to mention I got a free umbrella covered in cute flower illustrations to keep the April showers at bay.

Now not everything I did this weekend involved flowers … All Saints is basically the best thing ever ha. Really though, a place that bases their design aesthetic off of Jack the Ripper and Old London?? Sold. Below is a video of their Soho shop..


I highly highly recommend their leather jackets and boots, they are great quality and not over priced PLUS their Damisi Boot is perfect and you can just get it resoled when it wears out, I am done with cheap boots. Investment pieces are a better.. well.. investment ! Don’t waste your money on multiple cheap pairs when you could just have one awesome pair….. makes more sense.

Also if your ever in the Brooklyn area please stop by Muddy Paws on a Sunday and adopt a kitty !! AND grab a spicy mexican mocha from the tasty coffee cafe next door.. cats & coffee= RAD! And swing by Enids in Greenpoint if you want a mimosa and brunch.. make a day of it !

Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Cakes.

Cheers! Flowers and Leather,

P.s. Here is a picture from a gentleman that uses his pet lizards, positions them like humans on little doll couches and photographs them. Apparently when they are warm enough and comfy they “just sit still like that.” Entitled- Lounge Lizards. Hilarious.

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Tale of a Brooklyn Brunch

Today I enjoyed a much favored past time on a Sunday almost afternoon… the art of brunch! I met up with a few lovely lady friends and ate my last real food for the next few weeks as I will be starting my cleanse tomorrow (I was not supposed to eat any of this 24hrs prior so I broke the rules already basically(no caffeine, heavy carbs, etc just light meals aka healthy stufff) .. but just LOOK at these items and I’m sure you would have done the same…

Papacitos Brooklyn

Siberian Suntan: A Vegan White Russian topped with cinnamon with a slight tropical twist, interesting flavor mix

Chocolate encrusted french toast with pasilla and cinnamon maple syrup

Afterwards we went to a local health food store and bought some goodies and I spotted this babeh on the street, notice the “hood” ornament. Now I am home cleaning up and waiting for my delivery of the joulebody program to show up… Hope your Sunday is as relaxing as mine has been so far!

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