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bag lady beauty review:


“‘The rhino is now more or less extinct, and it’s not because of global warming or shrinking habitats. It’s because of Beyonce’s handbags.”

-Steven Patrick Morrissey.
  •  I have spent many  a day inside of a Sephora, and  pride myself on being quite the product  aficionado. I even applied for a job  to be a cast member(see here) at one in Times Square out of sheer desperation, for the discount, and because why not? While perhaps thankfully I didn’t get the job, I  don’t  mind dishing out my knowledge for free. However, the discount would’ve been nice. Not to mention  adding  more unnecessary pretty things to my makeup arsenal. Sadly I mostly bought it all because I’m a sucker for  well designed packaging and pretty colors(kinda like a kid in the sugar cereal aisle. These days, I have gone either bare or for  the   “no makeup, makeup.” That being said, without further ado.. here are my must haves all spilling  out of this bag.
  • Benefit gimme brow(find it here)
  • Sarah Mcnamara miracle skin transformer(find it here)
  • Evian Water facial spray(I got made fun of for this one) wonderous in a hot NY subway mist me!
  • Lipstick Queen jean queen(find it here your highness.
  • Emani all natural face powder(find it here)
  • Bare Minerals handy buki(brush it all on here)
  • The iphone 6(with hipster wallpaper) because I love my gadgets…
  • Crown&Glory hair accessories(sparkle more here!
  • Top it off with Miss Dior parfume(here) my favorite.
  • Bust Magazine(subscribe?) not necessary but awesome.
  • With all these in your arsenal you’ll achieve the au’ naturale look and smell rather magnificent!

fake it til’  ya make it,


P.S for  a laugh check this out(

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Fashion’s Night Out

So for the Third Annual FNO all of Manhattan and parts of Queens and Brooklyn celebrated Fashion Week with drinks, music, and of course, shopping… Various stores all over New York were a buzz and a bit packed with all kinds during this event. I chose to go to SoHo and Bleecker St. as it has the most shops packed into a rather small space, that way my friend and I could get the most out of our time. Most of the stores started their events at 6pm and ended around 10pm… So after work I changed and headed to SoHo with the lovely Nathalie. First order of business… Betsey !

These two girls were dancing in the window, although the one on the left stood still when she saw us taking a picture, they both looked as perfect as mannequins… Betsey Johnson was doing mini-makeovers (make-up and hair! with purchase), cupcakes, and yoplait yogurt ? was being handed out with neon pink spoons and napkins….

Now..we mustn’t forget the PINK champagne or DJ’s that look like little floating clouds of fluff and glitter..

Next we wandered next door to an Adidas specialty store that sold their lines of designer collaborations and shoes you could design yourself (design workshop)… we were free drink hunting (not difficult during fashion week)


Ciroc and Moscato on ice. 

I was surprised to find that most if not all stores were serving not only champagne but actual cocktails… of the ingredients I saw used some were.. limes, mint, bitters, anaise, and your promotions of new (some old) wines and liquors. After adidas we were headed to the Billionaire Boys Club to check it out where Pharrell Williams was slated for an appearance as well…. FNO BBC SHIRTS ! at any rate when we arrived there was a gigantic crowd out we gave up on that. Luckily Benefit Cosmetics was giving out free swag so we hopped on that, we only had to drink what tasted like a sour apple juice out of little neon orange plastic vials and tell them our deepest darkest beauty secrets… ya… weird female initiation type stuff (hahah not really) mine was that I don’t shave my legs much in the winter, little did I know my friend said the same thing! hahah, the girl I told laughed. After that we wandered in and out of various places and headed to TopShop of course.

TopShop had a DJ, mini-make overs using their make-up line and a drawing for a trip to London Fashion week and a $1000.00 shopping spree…..why, certainly we entered that.


Benefit- Mascara, mini perfume, make-up bag, gift card, tote bag and some samples

Mulberry AW 2011- Fox Mask with black ribbon, sticker sheet with lots of woodland creature illustrations, nail wraps in gold/black, Kiehl’s body wash, tote bag.


As far as celebrity sightings go besides a few known rappers hanging around BBC (Billionaires Boys Club) … Kim Kardashian at her new store DASH (for about 5 minutes and it got MOBBED) and Pauly D at American Apparel (we only witnessed his car trying to drive away from yet another mob of screaming people running after it and practically climbing on top.. SERIOUSLY) I guess you just need to have no class and a reality show and you too can be mobbed during New York Fashion Week… geesh.. In all seriousness though the way these “celebrities” got bombarded it was borderline scary. I never want to be famous.

On that note… here is what I purchased from the night.. I was very well behaved..

#1- I love french fries.

#2- This eyeliner crayon in Equinox (a rose gold) is so easy to just swipe on and I get endless compliments on it… I had to buy more, its great for low maintenance t-shirt/jeans kind of girls

#3- Those shoes…..cost me…… $30 ! Originally $105 !!?? Really. They are the best fitting shoes I have found in awhile. Score.

Cheers my fellow Ladies and Gents, I hope all your dreams come true fashionably late-er- ON TIME. Good Night.

Post Script-  A couple celebrity pictures… I think Daniel looks adorkable.