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Social Media Savior


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon.

While  social media is a curse and a blessing, I’ve found it to be a blessing in my particular situation. Getting back on Facebook after I had disappeared for a year allowed me to update and get back in  touch with the many friends I had missed. I received comments akin to “Oh thank God, when I saw you were back I was relieved!”  As much as some despise social media it does serve a purpose. For me, it meant letting people know that I was okay after a huge accident. Without these  interactions, I would have lost touch with quite a few people. This proved especially important since I was isolated in recovery and had seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth. This led me to contemplate what social media means to those   people that  find themselves isolated( as well,or home bound because of an illness. It  could very well be their only means to a social life. For many(myself included) it’s  a fishing line cast into an Ocean   that is the  world. The problem is, that it gives a false sense of connection without actually being “connected.”  For this reason our cyber life  needs to  be balanced  with real life interactions as well.  Otherwise, it could actually achieve the opposite effect and make a person feel lonely. More  recently I’ve hopped  on the bandwagon that is Snapchat. Have you heard of this?   Since I felt like the Glass Man in the film Amelie(watch the video below!)

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Snapchat became like the pleasant little video that  let me in on the lives of friends and the rest of the ”outside world.” Despite the merits of social media We mustn’t forget the person that’s behind the computer screen or on the  other end of the keyboard. It’s all too easy to have many “friends,” but in actuality be   alone.Therefore, pick up a phone,write a letter,hop  on(or in)  your transportation of choice and make a real connection. You might just find you enjoy  the world of  three dimension!

Cheers and paper over e-mail,


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