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Flower Power.

Happy Weekend ! Well I hope you all had a happy one (= This weekend the weather was lovely save for a bit of cold Saturday but thats okay.. Today made up for it. I was lucky enough to have a stellar weekend with the beau. Since its springtime I have caught spring fever and my usual black clad self actually went the flower route… ┬áNaomi from Hello Beautiful Salon fixed me right up.. I met her years ago on a visit to Brooklyn and was fortunate enough to find she still works out of HB sometimes, appointments have to be booked a month in advance however because since I last met her she has blown up and does nails for the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love (!?!?) Topshop Makeup and various publications… needless to say I stumbled upon a nail genius ha. The inspiration for these were Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and spring..of course.

Magnolia Bakery Orange Chocolate Cupcake.

My weekend was filled with good eats, good friends and good weather. I couldn’t ask for more !! Besides springing up my nails I recently restocked my parfume supply with Daisy… Anyone ever try it ?? Its much lighter and less spicy then I usually go but its… nice and clean.. not to mention I got a free umbrella covered in cute flower illustrations to keep the April showers at bay.

Now not everything I did this weekend involved flowers … All Saints is basically the best thing ever ha. Really though, a place that bases their design aesthetic off of Jack the Ripper and Old London?? Sold. Below is a video of their Soho shop..


I highly highly recommend their leather jackets and boots, they are great quality and not over priced PLUS their Damisi Boot is perfect and you can just get it resoled when it wears out, I am done with cheap boots. Investment pieces are a better.. well.. investment ! Don’t waste your money on multiple cheap pairs when you could just have one awesome pair….. makes more sense.

Also if your ever in the Brooklyn area please stop by Muddy Paws on a Sunday and adopt a kitty !! AND grab a spicy mexican mocha from the tasty coffee cafe next door.. cats & coffee= RAD! And swing by Enids in Greenpoint if you want a mimosa and brunch.. make a day of it !

Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Cakes.

Cheers! Flowers and Leather,

P.s. Here is a picture from a gentleman that uses his pet lizards, positions them like humans on little doll couches and photographs them. Apparently when they are warm enough and comfy they “just sit still like that.” Entitled- Lounge Lizards. Hilarious.

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