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Found Objects

So as I was walking up the stairs at the subway stop this caught my eye…
Now I don’t condone touching anything on the subway, but this bright lavender paper I had to pick up…wondering what it was I opened it and this is what I found….
Apparently it was a modern religious tract. A tract is like a small comic or book related to a message involving the bible/church/ideas. I used to collect them from the people that would preach on street corners and my Grandma had a ton that were old and due to content/time changes, bizarre. My all time favorite is one from the 70’s called “The Rock Called Punk” emblazoned in white lettering against a flat black background, inside it talks against the punk movement of that era. If you’ve ever seen The Decline of Western Civilization Exene from X collects them too. Its just a weird thing. I am not religious by any means.. in fact I think religion is yet another thing man has F&#%ed up. Anyway this tract is from Jews for Jesus, apparently here in N.Y. they piss the Jewish community off. I just found this entertaining not to mention the illustrations are great !! Enjoy.
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Master Cleanse Hype

So I will be doing this cleanse from ….

I know there has been some recent hype over cleanses due to Beyonce? I had already known of the lemon+cayanne+maple syrup+water mix that has pretty solid results but I found myself unable to stick to it when I tried it years ago. Instead I’ve opted for this cleanse. They deliver it right to your door and it includes a private shopping tour of Whole Foods in Tribeca! I will be posting the tour at the end of the month along with my results so keep an eye out ! This cleanse is a mixture of juices, healthy meals and meal bars. I find it more reasonable than the Master Cleanse. Each day is planned for you and if you stick to it your results will be positive. I’m looking forward to it as this year I have begun a yoga, gym, better eating life style. *( a difficult feat for a junk food junkie) So heres to your health!



P.s. I passed my road test ! I will post my anxiety ridden experience in the scooter diaries soon along with my first ride story.

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Today I rode my bike about… 6 miles? I had to go to my motorcycle class at a nearby driving school, tomorrow I take a road test to get my Ny license… so nervous! Keep you posted on how it turns out. !
My route.. (click to enlarge) roughly 1.6 miles but I traveled it back and forth a few times today. I started around point A and the school ( is #1
When riding under the subway tracks…. beware of pigeons.
Word to the wise.. get a U lock !
… watch out for cabs…. and don’t take pictures on your phone while riding either.. (guilty as charged)
.. 6 miles and 3 showers for the day later.. it folds into a nice little package for hiking up a flight of stairs with.. also as it turns out 5th gear works best on this one.

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Bicycle Talk

I recently bought a Citizens Bike off of their website… it came in a 42 lb. large box which I promptly picked up from our neighbor (A Liquor Store) and dragged it up one flight of carpeted stairs to my doorway. Upon opening everything was in place, and you know what? So far so good. Its a foldable bike and I was a bit concerned, pre-occupied with imagining it collapsing on me while riding across a Manhattan bridge or something of the sort, lets hope not.

Cheers ! <3

Details and specifications

Folding Unfolds and ready to ride in seconds. No tools required. Folds up quickly for easy storage or travel.
Assembly Your Citizen Bike arrives 95% assembled. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to ride.
Frame 20″ steel folding frame
Front fork 20″ steel
Handlebar Alloy with soft Kraton rubber grips.
Stem Alloy, height-adjustable, folding stem with quick release. No tools required.
Seat post Alloy, adjustable in seconds with quick release. No tools required.
Saddle Its not for a horse.
Crank & chainwheel 165mm alloy crank arms with 48T alloy chainwheel with double sided chain protector
Pedals Foldable plastic with reflectors
Hub Steel CP
Rim 20″ double wall alloy rims. The 20″ wheels allow for precise and stable handling.
Tire Kenda 20″ x 1.75″ (Black or Gray depending on color profile)
Inner tube 2 included and installed. Shipped inflated.
Derailleur shimano 6-speed index gear system with RevoShift grip shifter
Rack and Fenders Steel fenders included. Carrier rack optional.
Kickstand Installed middle kickstand
Brakes Alloy V-brakes with colored housing
Weight Approximately 14.5 kg with all options (32 lbs)
Folded size 34 x 22 x 16 inches
Suggested rider height Suggested for adults and teens (5ft to 6ft)
Max rider weight Supports riders up to 220 lbs.
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