Where do you live? Which county, town, and city?  We can all answer this question for one reason, and one reason only. Boundaries and limitations. As Humans we simply can’t stand not being labelled. We label everything, we need them.  Due to this we can stand in nearly every location and give it a name or an address. But do you know who  cannot do that? Animals. Animals, do not comprehend boundaries. For them, the World is their home. Perhaps, we should take a cue from them and just live, rather than  theorize everything. I know that need to do such a thing, and more than likely  so do you.  More importantly, is it possible to dissolve the boundaries in our minds? It is, it’s uncomftorable, and you’ll probably feel like a leaf in the wind. Should I tell you how I know this? Well…..  after the  Stroke happened to me, my plans and sense of direction dissolved, so I had no choice but to learn how to drift on the wind gracefully. I tried my best to overcome uncertainty, I did my best to accept the change of my  “plans,” and I definitely tried to circumvent  the whole ordeal. But, like a Warbler (bird) in the woods, I had to fly about not knowing anything about the places where  I landed, nor for how long I’d be there. Working on my balance?  That   flight was a bit delayed, and I’m still working on sticking the landing. You’d be shocked at how difficult  walking feels, when  your brain has decided to pretend  that one side of your body doesn’t exist (i.e hemiparalysis)  So, rather than be angry that my balance  seems to constantly threaten me with falls, I am simply grateful to be walking at all.   Just like with my balance, I’m also constantly working on getting better. Not just physically, but in everything. Whilst it is mainly physical improvement I strive for, I don’t forget something equally as important, that of my mind. After all, you may not walk a straight line to your end goal, but as long as you’re steering in that direction you will not fail to reach the desired destination!

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