Margarita Monday vol. VI

*blogged while drinking  mango juice and listening to  David Bowie 45’s*
Oh Monday, what can we say about you?  For most of us you mean another too long  work week. But for some you’re like the sunrise  of a new day(or in this case week. With  a  myriad of new possibilities;a day to embark on  missions to complete new goals and reach new heights. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s here. So, to make it a little better here’s a list of seven things  to have on your “radar,” one for each day!

Wait a minute, there’s  a  website full of kitschy gifts and fun things I remember and loved as a kid!? Yup. If you’ve never quite grown up and want to  still have some fun in this “grown up,” world consider checking out this website. Best of all it’s not too expensive! So, you can save up your  pennies for the weekend or Disney World, whichever comes first.
#2) Anonymous book sending

Do you love books? Is there one in particular that really helped you? Well,  send it to some unsuspecting friend! Yup, if it’s something that could benefit someone you know, why not drop it in the mail and surprise someone?   It’s even more fun when it is anonymous, because it becomes a gift for both of you. Not only will it potentially drive them nutty because of the anonymity, but the sudden appearance of a mysterious book will very likely prompt them to read it. Therefore, if your intention was for them to read it, mission accomplished! See, Monday is shaping up already.
#3) Pay it backward?

The next time you’re in a line, whether it’s in a car or on foot, buy the persons order behind you!  It’s easier to do this anonymously in a drive thru. However, it’s not like you can’t whisper to the barista(or cashier) to pay for the person standing behind you either. This may cost you, but frankly it’s a lot of fun and you could start a chain reaction of kindness! Good deed done for the day? check.
#4) Dr. Caroline Leaf
Since my brain has become  a large point of interest for  doctors and me too, finding this knowledgeable Woman has been incredible.  Forget the self help books, the gurus, and  psychologists, listen to this lady! She has a show on television and can be found online as well. So, give Her a look here.
#5) Five Leaves Cafe, Greenpoint  Brooklyn.

What can I say?  Good food, Heath Ledger, and Brooklyn. Those  words alone should sell you! This place is not only  co-owned by the late actor Heath Ledger(before his death) but also pretty cute. The food  is also good too. I had the pleasure of  having brunch here on a sunny day  next to a hoard of hungry hipsters. The  service was sweet, the  burger was delish, and  I loved the location! So, give it a try  cool guy(or gal) if you have the chance!\
#6) Siggis Yogurt
Yogurt, I think I’ve found your perfect form. Not only is this free of all the junk(no high fructose,colors,or extra sugar) but is also a very healthy and  tasty treat. Not to mention, it’s  Icelandic(Bjork fans rejoice!  It also happens to use simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar.  Dive in for a thick, creamy, tasty, and protein packed experience. People, just buy it.
#7) Conscious Beauty Products!  
As I gazed into my drawer of old and new makeup products I thought “You only have one face.”  I repeat, one face.  Therefore you don’t really need 20 different overpriced eyeshadows, 6 high dollar lipsticks, and about 3 different kinds of mixing bases. I may be exaggerating but not really, and you get the idea… Just like fast fashion helps destroy the environment, so does the cosmetics industry. The production and consumption of beauty products has some not so pretty side effects on our world. To name a few, the chemicals in many products  get into the environment  and break down ecosystems, the waste from the packaging takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfills, and all that stuff going down your drain makes its way into our water systems. Not to mention the sheer amount of money these products cost. Walk into any beauty store and you can easily drop $100.00 in less than 30 minutes. It’s very likely your skin doesn’t want to be assaulted by three different kinds of skincare products in less than a month too. Just like  any billionaire company, they make money off of  making you think you need more.  Some beauty companies may tout ‘natural’ on  the label, but guess what? A higher demand for natural ingredients means more mining the Earth to get them fast and cheap. Therefore, certainly not sustainably. If you really want to help the Earth and your pocketbook, just stop buying so much of these pricey products.
And finally, cheers! with this agave margarita. Get the recipe here.
Drink up!

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