Margarita Monday hooray!

Instead of sliding through the week feeling stuck  why not pepper it with some fun new things!? Because,  a new week does mean a fresh  5 days and 120 hours  of new possibilities. Therefore, take advantage and use them well! Here’s a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
#1)  My Fitness Pal

As if you need another useless  app cluttering  up your phone,well  if you actually use  this one, it’s nearly indispensable! My great Grandmother   stayed slim Her entire life(all 97 years of it) by keeping track of calories on paper in a little book. This app does the same thing but makes it incredibly easy and useful.  Since I found myself less mobile  and active since the stroke, this has been keeping me slim too, even losing weight! Therefore, I highly recommend it. If you aim to live a healthy  lifestyle this makes it a whole lot easier. Especially if you live in the fat laden American culture, this will help you opt out of it. So get  downloading and make life healthier and your body happy!
#2) Starbucks Roastery  NYC

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

As if Starbucks hasn’t nearly taken over Manhattan and the  World enough already. They’re planning a 20,000 square foot roastery  in the meat packing district much like the one they have in Seattle. Now instead of waiting in long lines, you can spend the whole afternoon there! Or you could just pick up a latte from one of their over 200 locations found in  the city.
#3) This video
Perhaps I should be glad I didn’t have siblings?
#4) Crown and Glory

Co-founded by   alternative wedding blogger babe  Kat Williams  this whimsical and beautiful hair accessory line fills a  much needed niche! Flower crowns may not be considered essential but they so should be! Not only does it draw attention to you for all the right reasons, but it seriously brightens up  the day for everyone.
#5) lulu organics

Let’s be honest not only is washing your hair everyday a pain, but it’s also not  good for it! Those oils on your scalp are there for a reason. However, you can find a happy balance by not washing it  all the time. Enter, dry shampoo sprays  and powders. This little product is a savior to all low maintenance ladies and hung over rock stars everywhere. Just spray your roots on those in between days, and wallah , back to a head of happy hair! It’s even better when it  doesn’t harm your skin or the environment. Not to mention, its creator has a tree house how cool is that!?
#6) Strawberry Basil  Popsicles
This list is not complete without a tasty treat and this one  happens to be awesome!
I came across these at a local food and flea market, which  spurred me to buy some rocket pop molds and get to freezing  strawberries! That and it was Summer after all.Find the recipe right here Ladies and Gents.
#7) Career Girl  Daily App

I know, I know another app. The difference is, where one works on the internal this one works on the external! This one is especially useful if you’re a  career minded female. Not to mention, it has loads of helpful reading material and may actually offer you some inspiration.
Lastly, Cheers! Sip on this smoky  Summer watermelon number.
Find the recipe here.

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  1. bookshelfbattle
    April 18, 2016 at 8:09 pm (8 years ago)

    I kind of wonder if that zombie video is fake (if the sister wasn’t in on it) but either way it is funny.

    • Leah
      April 18, 2016 at 9:08 pm (8 years ago)

      I know, it’s almost too well done. The three of them were guests on Ellen(where I first saw it) and talked about how they did the whole thing. Their Parents were also there. It seemed legit. However, it is television so you never truly know! Thank you for your comment and welcomeđź’—