Margarita Monday


To celebrate this weeks version of a “New Year,’ aka Mondayi n style Here is a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day of the week! You may have had some cocktails at brunch yesterday but, please  treat yourself to another. Another cocktail is never too much!

#1) Attila Marcel.


I had the pleasure of taking in this film at a indie film fest. I have always loved the whimsical  French film Amelie, but this one is a very strong contender to top it!

This film is also whimsical but with a male character. Also replace the  love interest that collects photos with a quirky neighbor that provides drug trips to unearth lost memories.

#2) MOMA cloud umbrella


Staying dry in rainy New York(or anywhere)weather just became a whole lot brighter(and fun) this umbrella looks like all business from the outside, until you look up! With this  little secret other people’s rainy days will be your blue sky affairs. Since I tend to collect groups of items that strike my fancy, this one is on my list “add to unique umbrella collection.” Perhaps it should be on yours too. Find it here.

#3) Premade eggless cookie dough


Just when we all thought that Ben & Jerry’s had  post breakup food on lock down now comes this! I’ve tried it during a Netflix and chill day, and let me tell you the next time I get dumped, and choose to wallow in sweets this will be in my shopping cart.

#4) Tumeric, curry, Indian food and the future!


On second thought, nothing releases frustration like eating better and frequenting a gym, so skip the cookie dough in favor of delicious Indian food. Why? Because not only is it  tasty, but very healthy. Why? There are numerous studies showing the benefits of consuming curry and thereby tumeric which contains curcumin. Not only does this wonder  food help treat but also prevent things like alzheimers, dementia, and even some cancers. Thanks to the great American diet lots of people are losing their minds in old age. However, Indians that eat a lot of curry(curcumin) don’t! So make like a Easterner and eat curry.

#5) Mommy and me happy hour


There’s nothing wrong with having some milk while Mom has a margarita people. This is what happens when hipsters grow up and create their own tiny humans. There are many bars in and around New York that won’t raise their eyebrows if you walk in with a  stroller. Here’s a list of them!

#6) Steripods


As Mike Rowe of  Dirty Jobs fame demonstrated, bathrooms are not a safe place for your toothbrush. Think floating bacteria ejected from your open toilet.. gross that’s what  I said. Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to invest(a whole $5.00) in a sterilizing cover for your bristles. Knowing your not sticking a bacteria laced toothbrush in your mouth will help you sleep better, and wake up fresher in the morning. You can find your own steripods here.

#7)  Music!


A  good tune is always a welcome addition to any day, and lately I’ve had this  good tune(and confidence  laden lyrics) going through my head. Not to mention, as you’ll see in   Her music video, Paloma Faith has some great style and a good voice!

Last but not least cheers!  Hibiscus tea margarita. Find the recipe here.


have a great week!


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