“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”~ E.E. Cummings.

This is no fashion blog, but I’ve noticed  a  trend. Among my most popular posts the subjects  involving reassurance, love, and  hope  by far get the most response. Why is that? Because were human.  You may have grown into an “adult,” with all its benefits and   mundane responsibility, but you’re still a child.  Considering this truth, it’s pretty clear that  our needs may have  changed, but they’re not drastically different. We still need the basics, but the most important one  often gets forgotten, reassurance! Just because we’ve been potty trained(I hope) doesn’t mean that suddenly we have no need to be reassured or coddled any longer. Actually  it’s quite the opposite, as adults we might need it even more. Because our challenges are still just as difficult only the scale has changed.  People wrongly assume that you can deal with things on your own, but everyone could use some  reassurance from someone other than themselves. It’s because we  have a need to feel part of a community, and to know we’re doing good in this thing called life. I love when people tell me the progress they have noticed or reassured me that something is going to work out or be okay. This is especially important because I don’t notice the changes in myself, none of us really do. Therefore, when a change is positive I want to know about it! While your particular situation may not be as difficult as mine it  can still  be a hardship nonetheless. Just as a child receives praise for their artistic fridge drawing, We need praise just as much if not more for our accomplishments too.  As you(should) know “little,people” and big grow  the best in a nurturing environment. So, why  does the nurturing stop when we become “adults?” There  is no end to your ability to grow throughout life, and scientifically  speaking energy can neither be created or destroyed. You know what can be created or destroyed?  The short answer is growth. People can be given a place and a way to grow or find themselves stunted. My height will  likely never exceed 5’ 8” but the  size of my spirit can  become larger than life. There  is no end to the possibilities in life, so why stop  growing and helping others to grow?

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  1. God's Hot Spot
    March 2, 2016 at 8:04 am (8 years ago)

    The Bible tells us to live interdependently to look out for the interests of each other. Each part of the Body of Christ is fitted joined together by God perfectly like various parts of a wheel in motion. Nobody is an island isolated by themselves. Older ones are to encourage and support younger ones by Godly wisdom experienced gained. The younger ones are to obey and listen for their own good so it is well with them to live long. And to give corban to elders to support each other or vice versa. However, so many secular liberal views peddled in schools try to overule GOD’S Principles. Therefore believers must teach and train the child from early years there is no set date to stop being family to look out for each other. Jesus stayed home for 30 years working with family including women in the community. An adult child needs continuity in the family still essential to thrive and flourish. God’s Truth must Still Take Precedence over secular views that divide, destroy family and community. This is the heart of the matter many abandone adult family only to find too late there is no gold at the rainbow anywhere. GOD Already Supplied Love needs often taken for granted misled into thinking the grass is greener elsewhere. Thanks for helping to inspire people to value and appreciate loved ones more by hugs and appropriate cuddles. GOD bless you.