"Don't be a hippie, punk."


“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”

-Ralph Marston.

Nothing worth having is ever easy, and that includes  your health.  I  got a very nice juicer(see here?) for Christmas, so what did I do? A five day juice fast of course! I was  inspired by the Netflix documentary Fat, Sick, and nearly dead(free here!). Your health and longevity is an investment worth the time, effort, and  powering through a kale salad or two!!   The more healthy foods you eat, the easier it becomes. The American diet is highly inflammatory and leads not only to  weight issues, but is also the cause of many diseases. There is a  strong  link  found between sugar and cancer.  As you  stick to a diet heavy on the greens and light on any sugar  you’ll find the cravings tend to subside over time. The average juice fast lasts for three days, but  I chose to  go longer because of all the benefits it provides(see here!)  Much of the food in this country is nutritionally empty, especially any processed or fast foods. However, juicing large amounts of vegetables and fruits, and drinking them provides the ultimate way to absorb nutrients and more then fulfills your daily  serving recommendation. The first day was the easiest, since I was still riding on yesterdays meal. By the  time I reached day  three  other people’s food began to smell really good. However, I was  more then half way there so I turned my nose up at any temptations. During the time you’re only consuming fresh juice, you’ll find it’s best to avoid too much television or people eating. Because   it soon becomes apparent that every other advertisement on television is for food and usually it’s  fast food. By the time I reached day 4 drinking fresh juice for every meal was quite easy. However, I did come to the conclusion that more then a five day fast  is not for me! I mainly did the juice fast for health reasons and not so much weight loss, though it’s quite effective for that! I began my five day journey weighing 139.2 pounds, and ended it at 132.9 pounds. I noticed the first few days that from time to time I became light headed(a detoxing side effect) but this is normal. A juice fast is not advised for those with specific medical conditions, and some people need to do it under the supervision of a  doctor. I chose to wing it, adding in a daily multi vitamin and kefir protein shakes  for lunch and dinner(more filling)  as well as a large handful of raw nuts. It’s important to get proper nutrition during a fast or you could harm yourself. If you become faint  and dizzy stop the fast immediately. Overall I felt better, my skin improved and I could feel my body functioning better. With a projected obesity rate that predicts 3 out of 4 Americans  will be overweight by 2020, health education has never been more vital. Going forward, I plan on  integrating more superfoods and greens into my diet, and much less sugar. Although, it’s okay to have  chocolate once in awhile!  After all, the only time I cheated was for a couple of warm chocolate chip cookies, who am I to  judge?  I highly recommend doing a juice fast and there is tons of research out there  supporting the benefits of a more green diet. Don’t be afraid to be a  “smelly hippie,” rid yourself of the food industries evil toxins and live well, kale yeah, to that!

get juicy and cheers!


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  1. JentheChin
    January 18, 2016 at 4:29 pm (8 years ago)

    Hello! Great post! Thanks for the statistics. I’m juicing as well. I’m on day 17 and I haven’t noticed any skin improvements. I have very dry skin. What do you feel has contributed the most to your improved skin? As in, recipes or ingredients.

    • Leah
      January 18, 2016 at 8:50 pm (8 years ago)

      Hello fellow juicer! You’re very welcome.😊 I mostly stuck with my favorite recipe of carrot, apple, and kale(sometimes adding ginger) which packs a punch in the nutrient department while tasting good and being easy to drink. It sounds like(day 17!?) you are well versed in juicing as well.👍🏻 I think the overall improvement in my skin occurred because when your “gut,” or gastrointestinal tract is functioning well(as in digestion and absorption) it is reflected in your skin. I must mention that I have skin on the oily side although it does get dry in the winter. I recommend applying a good moisturizer before bed(it helps. Since you’re juicing as well try to stick with organic. Our skin is our largest organ and what you put on it, also gets absorbed into your body. For this reason I’m detoxing from deodorant as well(the aluminum)since completing my fast. Check out what moisturizers Juice Beauty has to offer, they’re organic and Gwynth Paltrow of Goop is a co creator! Cheers and thank you for your comment, live long and prosper!💪🏻 *Leah*