Love lockets on a fence..


     “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

If  I have learned anything on this healing journey it’s that like a fence were all linked together. The   influence of a few can be felt by many. Imagine a world where helping one another was commonplace. Perhaps that’s my 1950’s pipe dream. However, I’ve  seen the difference it’s made in my life so I can only conclude that it would revolutionize the world. If We could just envision our connections more clearly, perhaps We would see how paying it forward only benefits us. Even the notion of holding the door  open for someone else, it all adds up. I remember loving every act of kindness I witnessed in otherwise pretty selfish environments. From a young gentleman giving up his seat on the subway,  to the girl helping a woman  haul Her baby carriage down the treacherous stairs.  Each of these  acts may seem insignificant, but imagine if they ran rampant. The way a society treats the least of it’s members(i.e. the elderly,children,animals,the handicapped) reflects it as a whole. I’ve even witnessed a pair of homeless men helping out another with no legs on the New york subway at 3 a.m!   Those who haven’t struggled themselves fail to see others who are currently in  a struggle. Personally I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor,and I never saw as much as when I was poor. For what seems much longer, but  for about two years I have been living as a handicapped individual. In this position it’s easy to be overlooked and feel frustratingly  helpless. I’ve  noticed much more the people that open the door, go out of their way to help, and even kind words. On the other hand it’s been even easier to see acts of selfishness. There are even forays into the science of being selfless.(see here! Those who possess more selfish qualities fare worse in terms of survival in the wild. What does that tell you? Could not the same be said about humans? After all no man is an Island.  Just as lovers that symbolically  padlock themselves together on a fence in Paris, throwing the key into the river, so are We connected. My guess is there’s no finding  that key anytime soon so We should at least make the best of it until the fence rusts away or the padlock   gets cut off!

Cheers  and kitten ears,


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