Filofaxy Galaxy

Pink_Planet_by_JON1X303This New Year amid all the resolutions to get in shape, I desired to become more  organized and thereby productive. In my quest for organization I discovered this 80’s throwback the Filofax, a yuppies dream.As I explored this new found world I soon discovered there were other  fans of this  simple joy.Instagram had boards dedicated to showing off how you decorated your planner.There were loads of goodies for them on Etsy,and a popular blogger Gala Darling had also  admitted Her love    for them! Like any other  accessory loving  goal driven  individual,I too became interested.After researching, reading,hunting, and more searching without further  ado here are the spoils of my labour.

**drumroll**The Personal Rasberry Saffiano Filofax!




Last but not least I’m having a GIVEAWAY!

There are no rules, I simply want to hear  about your resolution, why, and an event your proud of overcoming. 🙂

I will choose the winner from the comments and send you a pack of rainbow paper for  your Filofax(or planner)  from Kiddy Qualia! 🙂

Rainbow paper(Psst it’s down there)


Cheers, Happy New Year and goal reaching!


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