The pursuit of happiness.


How can you be happy?

Isn’t that always the reason  that motivates people to do things?

Whether they be good actions or bad it’s the human condition.

Truth be told I spent the last year on depression meds,in therapy, spinning negative thoughts, etc etc.

However it is not impossible to be happy!

What I have found is that the less materialistic I become the more I enjoy  “real things,” like people,goals,and everyday.

If you wallow or dwell on things you wish you had you’ll be miserable.

Trust me because I’m speaking from experience.

If you don’t know my story(see here)at the time I had plenty to be miserable about due to fear and  worry.

Nevertheless even ,poor me has found many silver linings.

More recently I have been selling things  on ebay, that before I would have stored away to use “someday.

However, you know what?

I’ve been selling them off for half price and  saving the money for my future goals.

Those goals  once seemed impossible, but  spin that  to  think:”I’m possible!”

Once I put a more positive spin on things I began to see the good and find happiness.

I used to complain and cry a lot which I’m not afraid to admit.

I believe in being transparent,because if you aren’t how can people  get to know the  real you?

How can you go about making meaningful connections with other people?

I’ve come from being angry that all these bad things happened to an undeserving me, to  just wanting to share my story and love people.

In sum, the less you value objects and the more you love yourself and those who truly love you,happy  you will be!

Besides…..   remember the junk troll from the Labyrinth?

She had loads of things which piled into a burden on Her back and She was alone.

ablab167gI don’t think anyone wants to be or become a junk troll like that.

Finally,my unsolicited advice, do yourself a favor and sell those meaningless   objects,using the money towards your dream nothing is impossible.

“Strength does not come  from physical  capacity.It comes from  an indomitable will.”   -Mahatma Gandhi

                                           **Love&hope for dreams that come true**


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