Je suis ……

You know those times when you forget who you are?? Perhaps you have let outside influences bug you a little too much or let someone else’s issues effect you… well… FUUUCKKK THAT ! Time to Rebel, against anything and everything that brings you down pretty babies.

I aim for a few simple things in life and most if not all in the pursuit of happiness, and I only wish I knew then what I knew now… right? cliche but true. I only feel more beautiful and confident as the years fly by and certainly I find my armour gets pierced a lot less by others because I just don’t let it anymore. I simply cannot fret, I have one singular vision and that remains to stay true to myself and never pretend to be anything else.. if you aren’t yourself or afraid to speak up, your not being authentic with yourself or others.

I have been on an intermittant haitus from this blog and quite neglectful… soon this will be a more regular outlet and a positive one at that, because what is inside flows outwardly. So in short, don’t fill your head with garbage. Don’t let other people sneak it in when your not looking either. There are some sneaky ones out there… but hold on one second, I’m not here to bitch and moan, lest we forget the importance of…..


Because of course thats what I really am talking about… (kidding)

October promises to be a busy month but full of great things, besides Halloween !! and the wonderful Fall weather in NYC (My favorite time of the year) I have a few events occurring I can’t wait to share with you all. I realize my message on here lately has been lacking as well as activity so I thought it only appropriate I annouce a resurgence. You can expect some upcoming posts on:

Soulcycle and why it killed my Soul (and fat cells)

NYC Comicon 2012

BLOGCADEMY !! A Two Day Adventure with 29 other women( And no this is not a lesbian porn or a team building excercise.)

Juicing-the fountain of youth.

So if your interested at all in health, comic books, learning new skills to pay the billz… then please join me for the ride. (=

Until then Ladies the only kind of purse I endorse and indeed think  you should purchase this year is this:

You don’t even HAVE to hide a flask anymore, your purse IS the flask.!!. BRILLIANT!

And a few words of unwarranted advice upon parting.. Never ever compare yourself to other people unless of course its someone you look up to or someone who has achieved a desired goal, then compare yourself if only to know your going to do it even better (;

Also I must say one of my BIGGEST peeves is …”Well everyone else does it…” or “But most people…”   Please… do you want to be like everyone else??  Great, have fun in that overcrowded box. Don’t subscribe to mediocrity. Think for yourself.

Cheers as always and I leave you with some cool record covers and a song of course. (=


A little romance with a little French.. LOVE.

2 Comments on Je suis ……

  1. Sara
    October 2, 2012 at 1:58 pm (12 years ago)

    Hey this is in response to a piece you had up before but this is what I think Miss:
    If a man has a woman that is giving him all the sexual stimualtion he needs, why would he need to look at any other woman? This is what annoys women. It would certainly hurt most men if their spouses looked at men with larger male anatomy even if she has a wonderful/sexual man by her side. It is very degrading and raises the question ‘WHY?” Also it does not mean a woman is insecure just because she does not like her man looking at other naked women. It makes her feel he is lusting over someone else, which causes her to feel he wants someone else. It is “him” that is causing insecurities.

    Just my two cents. lol

    • Sara
      October 2, 2012 at 2:30 pm (12 years ago)

      Wow. ya, I think too that women as in every fairy tale, romance movie/book, etc… we just want a prince or a “Knight in shining armor” lol In those types of stories the prince isn’t sneaking off to ogle the other maidens, he has eyes only for the princess, right ?!? Lol Also being with a guy who treats you that way would be like a man being with a woman who nags him all the time or is emasculating to him…. therefore negatively effecting his ego and/or self esteem/confidence. Men want to be and feel like a man–strong, protectors, etc. and women just want to be loved and feel special/important. Its hard wired into each sex. I don’t think they fully understand why lusting after others damages that for a girl, duh. Disney ruined everything. ha. Making us believe there are princes to begin with…