This month I’m going to try and be consistent with Holiday themed posts…Lo and behold its already December 4th ! Lets talk about something Christmas-y haha.

So naturally I’m on foursquare and I keep seeing a friend check into the “Lady Gaga Window Display” and my curiosity is somewhat peaked, but not until I see it happen a few more times coupled with my Mom texting me that Lady Gaga has a Christmas Special on T.V. do I investigate further. Lemme tell ya’, this Lady is good at marketing. It’s almost difficult to wrap my head around the level of success she has had on such a large-scale. Almost like when I think about the J.K. Rowling empire and how that came to be, regardless of its mainstay in popular culture that people have grown accustomed to it is still crazy. I believe I read something about Rowling’s publishing company when she was unknown and just had the first book out, in a matter of a year or two she skyrocketed their profits from some low number to MILLIONS… in a very short time period. THAT IS CRAZY !! So at the ripe age of 25 (sarcasm) Stefani Germanotta has done something similar in pop music. The first time I heard of her was a few years ago I had visited a friend in Brooklyn before I lived in New York and was getting my nails done and randomly the nail tech asked if I had heard of Lady Gaga (which I hadn’t) she then informed me that she did her nails too. I asked if this Lady Gaga came in to see her, she laughed and said “Oh nooo I go to her apartment.” Naturally when I got home I looked her up and I liked her style/dance music. Of course she still looked like this then:

And not yet this:

SO back to the story… I was off of work and a wandering kid yesterday, feeling under the weather and decided to google this Lady Gaga at Barney’s stuff and found out it was a “workshop” a.k.a a pop up store a.k.a one entire floor in Barney’s transformed into Gaga Consumerism Land. So of course I wanted to see….

 The Opening Ceremony, Gaga with a collaborating designer on the workshop in a big poufy Chanel ball gown.

(FYI This sculpture is BIG and cool.)


(Under the “Gaga Spider” were cases with jewelry and costume memorabilia)

I read a few articles and comments online slamming the concept and the prices… However, yes, it is overpriced but not everything is crazy. The price range is from about $6 to potentially $600 … so a wide range, and lets not forget its BARNEYS people. Also 25% of all sales go to the “Born This Way” Foundation. All in all, a marketing win for the Gaga Team. I did purchase one overpriced item purely because I am a capitalists dream a.k.a sucker for gimmicks and packaging. At least I’m self aware. I bought this:

Its a colaboration made with Deborah Lippmann for the workshop and is a two bottle set called “Edge of Glory.” Here is a math breakdown:

2 bottles of DB normally would cost 32$ maybe 35$ with tax.

This cost me 49$ with tax. HOWEVER since 25% is going to charity (and Barneys/Gaga/Deborah Lippmann must make a profit somewhere..) that means 12$ of this went to charity, great. So I paid 37$ with tax and a 12$ donation. That makes sense. So people should think about those details before complaining about the prices, it is what it is and its once a year maybe never again so just enjoy looking or buying if you choose to. Its worth a stop in to see the bustle (and if your lucky a Lady Gaga Impersonator walking airily around the store you can get a picture with)

I leave you with a “throwback” haha, of one song of hers I really like.

Hope your day is lovely dears !!! Now kindly exit to the left.


5 thoughts on “A Gaga Christmas?

  1. Very Good ! Images are so inspiring

    1. bleuelectrc says:

      Aw Thanks so much ! (=

  2. Sara says:

    Did you see Gaga kiss Bloomberg??

    1. bleuelectrc says:

      I just saw your comment ! I haven’t been on here in awhile, no I didn’t see that lol I bet he smells like old 100 dollar bills.

    2. bleuelectrc says:

      No,but that would have been swell! lol 🙂

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