NYCC 2011

This year at the NYC Javits Center (see above) the annual NYC Comic Con was held. The comic convention is a 4 day event that is touted as the East Coast’s biggest comic con, its only rival being San Diego’s comic con. This year for the first time I believe, every day SOLD OUT!  Luckily, I bought my Saturday ticket a couple months ago because I attended last year and could only make Sunday when it was at a close. (wah wah) Now, why would I go to a comic con?? Well lots of reasons, mostly because I appreciate the art aspect of it and I like dressing up, not to mention a favorite past time and bonding with my Father was: Godzilla, Star Wars, (SOME) Star Trek, Comics, and sci-fi in general… so its also a part of my history that I hold dear and someone that is dear to me. Awwww…

First things first.. ONI PRESS !

Now last year I went lone wolf to this, BUT, this year, I had an accomplice… Lets just call her Mademoiselle M. I mean.. who took this picture?!? ahaha.. Oni Press is near and dear because they published one of my favorite comics that described my life in High School very nearly perfect with Chynna Clugston Major’s Blue Monday..after which I followed her other creations and endeavors with Hopeless Savages and Scooter Girl. Ya.. I like her. Now between M and I we had a short to do list of people/artists we wanted to see, so once we did that.. we wandered happily from one discovery to the next. We ran into Zombies, Transformers, Lego Men, Johnny Cupcakes, Vampires, Video Games,”Free Tours of the Universe.” and many wonderful artists in many different mediums. One lovely girl was even making her own updated versions of Alphonse Mucha’s work !!

 Olivia DeBerardinis

Matt Papa  “Pixxel Papa”

Tara McPherson

Adam Hughes

There was so much wonderful artwork all so different from the next, I could post 100 pictures but there is a small sampling for you with links provided to the artists websites. I tend to take a special interest in Pin ups, subversive and dreamy images… so I gravitate towards the bizarre takes on classics and overall bad ass. pop art, bright.. etc etc art. There was something for all tastes. Now, moving on.. Comic con is perhaps more widely known for those “weirdos that dress up.” … Well.. yes.. but its quite fun and besides the convention attendees dressing up many of the various vendors have their own mascots or characters mulling about. I myself, having time in advance to actually consider it, took the simple route… subtle.. vampire..

I paled myself out and put in contacts that made my eyes gold flecked/more caramel.. which you can’t tell here because I have dark eyes they didn’t turn up in the photographs. Anyway I also am wearing a Cullen Crest because.. yes.. its a Twilight necklace.. I considered even brushing my face with translucent glitter so I would “sparkle” but decided against it. Overall I was aiming for Alice Cullen…

What sold me on it was mostly the fact that I could wear my own clothes and spend about $20… done and done. However I had to take the contacts out eventually because they were seriously uncomfortable and clouding my vision a bit. Awesome. Sooooo.. ya.. Let’s take a stroll shall we?

This was not a stationary object.. there is actually a person inside !

We also came across a table that had a wicked zombie meandering around and we were told that, apparently you can go to some camp for a few days and literally live action role play a Zombie Apocalypse !?!? Ya, that sure beats summer camp. If I ever have children I’m sending them to this “camp” and they will probably grow up severely damaged from the experience. (kidding) All I know is that I want to do it and so does Miss M, whom is my adventurous lady friend I can geek out with. In November we will be attending the Quidditch World Cup (I’m not kidding) in Manhattan with our Gryffindor scarves and complimentary hot chocolate. Keep an eye out for that…In the meantime here are some of the goodies I carted off from NYCC 2011 !

No that is not a condom, that is an emergency monocle.. in what appears to be a mock condom wrapper.. ahahha. I am never opening it, its too awesome. I shall keep it as is in all its glory forevermore… I could keep writing but I shall not bore you with any more details, I’m sure you get the gist.. and if your ever in New York City.. come to Comic Con!!

 Oh ya….The book is always better but…


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