Happy Saturday !! So I had quite an eventful one and I hope yours was too. I woke up earlier than usual and picked up a package from the post office.. after that I headed into the city on my Vespa with my roomie (= We went to the Upper West Side and ate at a place called Big Nicks.. (delicious). On the way there we took a route over the Queensboro bridge and thru Central Park, it was an absolutely beautiful ride and Fall day ! On the way home however.. we got rained out. We were soaked to the bone but it was a lot of fun anyhow, a bus driver even opened her window to tell us to be careful ahahah.. anyway after I dried up I went back to the city to wander and for a show… here are some goodies I found on the way..

Near the flatiron they were having live music in Madison Square park and an outdoor food event… I got bacon and maple syrup macaroons ! I thought I could die happy after that, two of my likes collided. I also got a nutella and hazelnut one too.. Mmmmm Mm! I stumbled across a new design store as well that opened a few hours before I got there for their debut.. so cool. Its a finnish design company that is making a come back, originally popular in the 60’s and 70’s (I knew it reminded me of mod era style for some reason) totally cool. Marimekko. 

(The outdoor foodie market)


After this I hopped on the subway to Union Square where they were also having their usual Farmers Market.. I wandered around a bit and came across the Andy Warhol monument.. someone had thrown a can of tomato soup across it which I first thought was terrible but then decided good for photos.

I’m assuming if Warhol were still alive he’d have thought something similar.. “oh, that’s terrible..” I soon wandered into the park to read but it started raining so I retreated to the nearest Starbucks (I know, but they have bathrooms!) and loitered there until I met up with my friends for the show. Now, if your unfamiliar with X, well, get familiar.. ahahah. They are on a current tour with no opening bands but instead playing a film before hand that is chock full of great material. Read more here: !!! and here: !!!!  Below are some stills I was able to capture.

 Irving Plaza (it was previously called the Fillmore..)

I think John Doe is cute.

I was able to capture the Wolf !!!


Billy Zoom kind of creeps me out but this is a good picture so no matter..



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