So after sleeping the day away yesterday I decided I needed to get out of my apartment and see the light of day… Since catching sight of the Anna Sui 2011 Fall/Winter Collection (amazing btw) I realized I had never set foot in her store so.. what a better day than a sunny sunday to do it…. I ate a quick bite and hopped the train to Prince St….

On my way to her store a couple flower laiden girls gave me a huge flower clip for a 10% off promo at Kate Spade.. I didn’t go but promptly put the flower in my hair.. it seemed appropriate for my mood/day. Eventually I came upon Anna… and oh how wonderful her store is.. a mix of 60’s, 70’s, bohemian and goth chic… beautiful. I wanted everything…

I did leave with one special item however.. I went with the intention of getting some foundation so I purchased a pressed powder and a case thats limited edition just released yesterday I guess, usually it comes with a black rose case.. I figured I could always switch it out to that one later..

Since I only intended on going to Anna Sui I left indecisive upon what to do next, I decided to hunt down some coffee and a snack….along the way I wandered in and out of various places like Burberry, LF, Space.NK, Sephora, Ben Sherman, Free People, etc.. etc.. Soho is a dangerous place for willing (and unwilling) pocketbooks… I ended up purchasing a couple more items (mint colored ruffled tap shorts and a purple slouchy crop top, Jemma Kidd lip stain! A must for everyday use, better than gunky lipstick) and flower headband. All on major sale.. SCORE.

Of course in SoHo there are also a million things of street art to behold and funny things too such as.. whomever had the ingenious idea of covering up the cross walk signs like this:

I also hit up one of the many cool trucks you’ll find peddling everything from ice cream to paintings and t-shirts..

There is no comparison to naturally sourced and produced foods.. this is the flavor I eventually chose.. its pronounced something like “John do ya’?” as in “Do ya’ want some ice cream?” This is how the girl explained it to me-cute. After eating my ice cream and people watching I hurried to get home because the weather was making me itch for a ride on my scooter. So my roomie and I went for a night ride to Brooklyn, fed some kitties and then ate some tasty food. Now I’m writing this from bed about to finish up my book, Wicked. I hope everyone else had a nice lazy Sunday as well. Cheers!!


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