It’s Only Rock N’ Roll

SO…. First Saturday off in nearly a month… the weather is perfect.. what is one to do? Well being a girl, why not Calgel? What is this gel you speak of? Well… its only the perfect solution for low maintenance clumsy girls such as myself (and perhaps you too??) I had heard of Sakura Salon for these popular japanese nails they offer (one of only a few in all of Nyc! tisk tisk) I have always wanted some fun nails and here was the perfect start! So a riding I went to the Lower East Side and had myself a nice little day … I wandered around a bit pre-nail appointment and here are some of my little serendipity moments along the way…

I parked next to the now defunct Mars Bar… It is littered with spray painted I miss you’s and “The Last Summer”… The first time I came here it was solely because a friend and I were seeking out the dirtiest punk/dive bars while on our visit, this one came up on the list pretty easily, and so it was that I used the bathroom (which reaked of pure ammonia and was not much bigger than an airplane bathroom) simply to conquer what was known as the dirtiest bar in Nyc’s bathroom.. images of Trainspotting briefly crossed my mind but I was too busy not inhaling to fully regale them….. So not only is this place closed but also John Varvatos has taken up residence in the old CBGB’s.. (another landmark I was fortunate to have drank in years ago). I went in and talked to one of the sales people whom informed me that all the walls, floor, etc are original, they even took large sections of the wall (which was covered in flyers, stickers.. ahem.. etc..) and basically put big frames over them museum style sealing them off for preservation. Of course the store is beautiful, but it is a sad beauty, for what once was and what is. I appreciated the attempt at preservation however, and apparently they have music nights the first Thursday of every month where musicians perform in ……store (I don’t like calling that building a store but… alas)

They also have records for sale as well as old amplifiers, speakers, record players… I rather liked that bit too. Next up, in my search for sustenance !.. I found The Juice Press 

Its Vegan and raw and DELICIOUS! And it is how I am aiming to eat because I feel wonderful when I do, they are also opening one near my work.. this could mean trouble for my pocket book….. last but not least… I did a run thru of Patricia Field because it was nearby and I still had more time to burn.. I behaved and bought a pocket sized amount.. (;

OH! I almost forgot I stumbled upon a nice little coffee house/poetry theatre and URBANOLOGY. An interactive game put on by The Guggenheim and BMW? Check the link, it was educational in a fun way… don’t believe me? Play online.

… And finally….  Sakura.

I was greeted warmly by the receptionist who offered me a drink while I waited (Hot tea!) and I was left to browse thru numerous magazines, mostly japanese, which I couldn’t read but they have the best pictures to make things up to… Anyway once my nail tech was available she sat me down and we discussed design. I had only booked an appointment for what they called a glitter gradation, anything else further requires more time and more $$$. We decided a couple fingers solid glitter (next time black w/leopard print and pyramid studs!) she then prepped my nails and began the process which was roughly one coat clear calgel then calgel mixed with the glitter of my choosing and finally a top coat. Between each application you place your hand under a UV lamp to quick dry them and harden the gel. Maintenance requires a new topcoat once a week to keep it fresh, otherwise they last up to 3 weeks and are not to crack, chip, or peel off. This is ideal for people such as myself that are rough on their hands. The atmosphere of Sakura is that of a spa, calm, tranquil… almost too much because as this is a time consuming event (nearly 3 hours) I started to fall asleep only prompted awake by my technicians prodding.. “Are you ok?!” ahahah. yes. Afterwards they massage your hand/fingers with aromatherapy lotion and off you go! This no doubt costs a pretty penny about $60 plus tip.. however you get what you pay for. I shall see how this holds up but so far I love it!

This cat is addicted to Calgel sniffing !


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