Am I MAD enough for you?

Today was the opening party for Banana Republic’s Mad Men Collection. Even though it was originally slated to be released with the series premiere (which has been pushed back) Republic decided to release it anyway. So all over the city at certain locations they were offering up free drinks and hors d’oeuvres… I promptly filled a tiny plate and sipped two vodka cranberries while I roamed the store. I must say it reminded me a bit of an upscale gap… I have a feeling they are going the way of the Gap, all these large name stores are becoming dinosaurs… So I assume like Target and their designer team ups Banana is attempting the same. If nothing else I scored a nice pair of high waist cigarette pants and a skinny leopard print belt….. and a ton of discounts for a later return visit (still more mad men I lust for) So there is that. Over all it was a nice time and where else but New York can you catch a buzz while listening to 60’s music shopping for fedoras?

Pictures were not to be taken inside the store… I tried to sneak.. but alas…

Also in keeping to the theme.. as a former bartender I have always favored a good Old Fashioned, turns out so does one of the shows main characters, Draper.

  • 2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey
  • A dash of sugar
  • A splash of orange juice
  • A bit of sugar
  • Cherries and Oranges (mashed)

Muddle the fruit on the bottom with the sugar, add ice, pour in your bourbon of choice, a couple drops of bitters and a splash of orange juice, shake and enjoy!

I found this ad.. interesting… also if your trying to kick the smoking habit then you should not watch Mad Men… they light a new one up in practically every scene, but this is a fact that rings true for any movies of that era and beyond, people just did not know or want to know the risks so it remained prevalent in hospitals, hollywood, etc…

Here is a post to amc about the collection—-> Time Warp!


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