So you wanna do a creative project but find your pockets coming up empty? Well look no further ! This little gem of a site has helped fund many a project and it is certainly fun to browse thru all the different proposals and even YOU, yes you, stop hiding… can become a backer, just pick a project and donate. I saw that One Day On Earth was funded thru this and I thought that very cool. Link up here—> Kick me!

Also I’ve been perusing thru my own ambitions and I have decided to join the 3rd ward. It’s in Brooklyn and basically houses space for you to create and classes! I can’t wait.. here is a short description:

3rd Ward is an incubator for innovation and possibility. Our members come from all walks of life to realize their potential and find additional meaning in their lives through our supportive community and top-of-the-line creative resources, including photo studios, media lab, jewelry studio, wood & metal shops, and a huge education program.

I think maybe I will try to kickstart my funds to pay for all the classes I want to take…. hmmm….


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