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So when I first moved to the apple I discovered not only seamlessweb (you’ll never cook again, I swear) I also found livingsocial. Both are websites you order things from, one food, the other, services. Luckily I bulked up a little cart of things that you can use within a certain time frame (a year, 6 mos, etc) and now that I’m being even thriftier.. I may be on the budget of a pauper but I still live like a prince (in my mind ahaha). Today I used a couple of my vouchers/coupons to visit Saloni Threading Salon. I got a 30-minute facial, eyebrow threading, and a bikini wax.( by the by, what DO you tip someone who does bikini waxing?? I mean I don’t even like to touch feet really) It turns out this spa is one little cozy room with two private rooms for facials and waxing, they have been there 7 years! I enjoyed it and it was steeply discounted so no complaints. I included my journey along the way…


When I first got off the subway into Union Square I nearly forgot, there is a HUGE farmers market! They do it weekly in the summer and fall, weather permitting. I love Union Square, there is a lot to do and see there. I ended up talking to a vendor about the Market and her products, Sheep’s milk cheeses, yogurt (yes you read it correctly) and meats. As it turns out sheep’s milk contains much more nutrients than goat’s milk OR cow’s milk! I was given samples to try and lets just say, I found a new favorite dairy animal. I bought lavender & honey cheese and some yogurt. The flavor of Sheep’s milk is mild and smooth( see also: delicious) I was not prepared to do any heavy shopping but I will be back. I mean, really, fresh beautiful local produce and products being sold street side right in Manhattan !? I love this city.

(Pssssst.. Link up here—-> Food Me!

I realize I seem to be taking a lot of carrot pictures, they are just so…. perfect looking! I like the color contrast. After the Market I wandered to… *drum roll* FORBIDDEN PLANET! Dun dun dun duuuun

Caption: I <3 Men in Uniform, I only date Super Heroes, Ladies Night

Afterwards I hopped over to Max Brenners.. this place I have walked by several times but never went in because it looks expensive and well.. it is.. I got something called a Golden Latte (various yummy juices) and a Nutella Crepe and it came to about $16.50.. yikes. I must say its a bit too sugary for me and I have had much better crepes in Astoria. So it was not worth the price, however the atmosphere is amazing and the products are creative.. Chocolate syringe anyone?

I’d recommend a visit, mostly because the sheer sight of it all and the shop is lovely even though my crepe was so so. I will be returning to buy some chocolate goodies one day I’m sure.. (they have a store inside the eatery aka “chocolate bar”)

After these places I went to Saloni and it was a much needed break. I had just worked an overnight shift and have been working a lot in general so it was nice that I had saved those vouchers from so long ago to use now! Of course afterwards I stumbled out into the bright street from the dim calm of Saloni and made one last stop at one of my favorite stores: Callalilai Union Square

It is a hit or miss store, even if you miss there is always something however, they have amazing bags on hand as well as belts at all times. Most if not all the shoes are tenderly made by the best, IN ITALY. They actually look like vintage shoes made in america by the way they are stamped and how the leather is sewn, however they are not, these shoes are newly made in Italy, where they still know how to make a good pair of shoes. They look vintage only because ours stopped looking that way because we manufacture/accept crap now! Today in particular was a big HIT, if I had reverted to my old ways I would have dropped at least a few hundred on some amazing pieces but instead I purchased one item, on sale. A unique dress that the lovely ladies here even steamed for me before they wrapped it up (they are quite helpful here) Needless to say in N.y. you don’t necessarily have to have money to enjoy the fancy things in life.  I felt very pampered today and boy did I need it ! Check out the shops blog and of course check out the shop if your ever in town ! The one in Union Square is in a beautiful antique shop, the atmosphere alone is wonderful. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Back to work for me tomorrow, I have financial goals people. ha.

Ps… On my way home I stopped to browse at SITE, a great local store, I plan to do more extensive coverage of them in my community portion, until then check out the webSITE.



2 Comments on Wax Attax

  1. road to the heart
    August 7, 2011 at 3:48 pm (13 years ago)

    I went to the farmers’ market yesterday too! I wanted everything there. How did your waxing experience go?

    • bleuelectrc
      August 7, 2011 at 5:42 pm (13 years ago)

      hahah yes, awesome, I love farmers markets, I really love eating healthy and I have always liked open air markets and the smell of health food stores since I was little. The waxing? In a word- painful. But I feel better now, also I have made a crazy goal, (per usual) deets soon! Also, How goes it seattle-ite?